Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Lantern Rite Quest Tips

Amay De
Amay De

The Lantern Rite Festival of Liyue has been Genshin Impact’s best depiction of a grand festival- likely because Liyue and its festivals mirror the culture of China which the company behind Genshin Impact is based on. They are thus confident in showcasing their culture and rituals to the wide world outside China- and this is mainly why this festival feels so authentic and grand.

For those of you who didn’t want to wait regularly for quests and challenges to open up in Version 3.4’s Lantern Rite and want to complete it all in one go, here’s what we recommend for that experience. Read on to find out how you can have a smooth and rich Lantern Rite festival.

Version 3.4 Lantern Rite Quest Tips and Tricks

The Lantern Rite in Version 3.4 is centred around music. There’s a music festival organised by a guy from Fontaine and there’s a secondary storyline about him finding a certain musician who once saved his ancestor.

The quest itself isn’t very long- certainly not as long as those world quest chains in Sumeru’s Rainforests or Deserts. At most the entirety of the Lantern Rite quest takes about 3-4 hours maximum. The quest itself isn’t combat-heavy so you can make do with your usual overworld exploration team.

Midway through the quest, you’ll be asked to go walk around the Liyue Wharf area where the Lantern Rite is usually held. At this point, we recommend changing your in-game language to Japanese or Chinese as the next bit involves a bit of singing which is best covered in those two languages. While the English version isn’t necessarily bad, it doesn’t convey the same emotions as the JP or CN versions do.

The quest is dialogue heavy with a moving story and multiple cutscenes. We recommend headphones for an immersive experience since music and sound play major roles in this year’s Lantern Rite.

Once you’re done with the primary two quests, we recommend you visit the following places for some additional content:

  • The Alcor- where a certain bard and a poet are engaged in friendly banter.
  • Qingce Village- where a lawyer requests a rambler for some teaching and training.
  • Wanmin Restaurant- where two gods help with some cooking.

These 3 places contain a sort of epilogue for the characters in the story of the Lantern Rite. The quest doesn’t directly tell you about any of these so they can be considered hidden endings to the festival. Once you’ve finished all the main quests, you can finally get started on the mini-games.

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