Which 4-Star to Select in Lantern Rite Event in Genshin Impact

 Which 4-Star to Select in Lantern Rite Event in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact every year since its release always gives players a choice in the lantern rite event. A choice to select your favourite Liyue character or their constellation for your account. 

The method to get to the invite page is easy, players need to complete multiple quests and solve some puzzles to accumulate enough points to get the character. The difficult part is what character to get. 

In this guide, you will get to know which are best for your account. If players want to play the game for fun and music, they can choose whatever character they most like. But if the question is what will make your account stronger to help you clear the abyss faster, you are at the right place. 

Which 4-Star to Select in Lantern Rite Event in Genshin Impact?

There are 9 Liyue characters this year to choose from in this year of Lantern rite. The character is as follows:

  1. Xiangling
  2. Beidou
  3. Xingqiu
  4. Ningguang
  5. Chongyun
  6. Xinyan
  7. Yun Jin
  8. Yanfei
  9. Yaoyao (the latest liyue character currently in the banner)

These are the 9 characters you can choose from during the lantern rite “Fortuitous Invitation” event. 

There are 4 characters which are above the rest in terms of damage and support. If you don’t have these characters, I would highly suggest, picking them for your account. The 4 characters are Xiangling, Xingqui, Beidou and Yaoyao. You may ask why, here’s why:

  • Xingqui- Probably the best hydro support in the game. He is a sub-DPS which provides off-field hydro application and deals very good damage as well. After using his skills and burst he also provides damage reduction which helps if there is no healer on your team.  His constellation is as good as him because they all provide some kind of buff to his damage or his hydro application. If you don’t have him yet he is the best choice a player can make.
  • Xiangling- She is a pyro sub-DPS, which deals huge damage while being off-field for most of the fight. She is given for free when players clear abyss floor 3 but her constellation 4, which makes her duration of elemental burst longer by 40% (her burst before that constellation last for 10s but after the 4th constellation last for 14s). But if the player already has her at the 4th constellation or above you don’t need to invite her.
  • Yaoyao- the newest 4-star from Liyue. She is a polearm-wielding dendro healer. She provides good enough off-field dendro application for aggravate team and good healing for the bloom team. She is a must if you missed out on Nahida “Dendro Archon” because the amount of utility dendro in general provides is good for any account. If the players are pulling on the current banner where is available and got lucky and have her, they don’t need to pick her from the event. 
  • Beidou- She is one of the under-utilized electro characters in recent times because of new dendro teams and other characters providing better utility like Kuki Shinobi. Her damage is very good in a single target-based scenario but she gets better at constellation 2 where her damage becomes AOE and her burst starts changing to multiple enemies. If the player has her at constellation 2 or above, you don’t need to pick her but if you already have above 3 characters at their best constellation, she is a must character to pick. 

Now from the other 5 characters, few have their own niche usefulness. It is recommended that the players pick one of the above 4 characters but if the players have the above characters at their best constellation then they can pick these characters. The characters who are very good in some niches are as follows:

  • Yunjin: Yunjin is a Geo Polearm normal attack support unit. If players have characters like Yoimiya, Ayato, etc which are proficient in dealing damage from their normal attack, then yunjin will be a good choice. Her constellation is also based on providing a more normal attack boost.
  • Yanfei- She is a pyro catalyst main DPS. She is a good unit to have if players don’t have a pyro DPS and I like her play style. She has a very good range despite being a catalyst user. Her niche is at her 4th constellation where she provides a shield. In some teams like hu tao teams where it is difficult to swirl pyro, she is used as a shielder because she provides pyro application for swirl and a good enough shield. 
  • Chongyun- He is a cryo claymore user who can convert normal attacks of sword, claymore and polearm users into cryo. And with his second constellation, he can also lessen the skill cooldown of a character within his skills area. 

The above 3 characters have their niche and can be useful in some situations but it is still not recommended to pick them above the top 4. 

Now the remaining 2 units- Ningguant and Xinyan, Both of them are the main DPS and not very good at it. Ningguang can be decent in a quick swap full Geo team of Zhongli, geo MC, Ningguang and Albedo. The recent trend of dendro reaction and geo not having any reaction with dendro is what makes Ningguang and mostly geo a bad element to pick. Xinyan is just a bad character with split-damage scaling. Her constellation can be useful for a physical team but there are better options. 

If you find this guide on Which 4-Star to Select in Lantern Rite Event in Genshin Impact? Helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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