Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Tips for New Players

 Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG Tips for New Players

Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG is actually a well-designed online card game and this comes from veteran card game players themselves. The TCG or Trading Card Game is unlike your typical card games with hearts, aces, diamonds and clubs. This is a game popularised by Japan through their Yu Gi Oh series and Pokemon card games. 

Their concept has since been adapted for multiple such fantasy series which now also have their own card games with similar elements and gameplay systems- and Genshin Impact is one of those fantasy games that has done the same. In this article, we hope to make this game mode easier for newer players or those who aren’t familiar with the genre through simple tips and tricks.

Simple Tips and Tricks for New Players in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG

None of the following tips or tricks are hard and fast or essential per se. But they certainly help offer a new or overlooked perspective on things which will expand your knowledge and help you build better decks and play a bit more intuitively.

Know Your Character Archetypes 

Card games like these usually have 4 Basic Archetypes: Aggro, Control, Combo, Midrange. These archetypes apply to your characters which you use to battle in the game itself. Often, a character will overlap on more than one archetype and this is generally a good thing.

For example, some Aggro characters in Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG are Keqing, Yoimiya, Ayaka and Fatui Agent. These characters generally act as your main damage dealers so in simple terms these would be your DPS characters. Control characters on the other hand are those that control the field or the flow of the match in general. They are generally supporting characters who can shield or heal and thus wear the enemy down by either not taking damage or healing away all damage. As you might have expected, some control characters are Jean, Noelle, Bennett or Barbara.

Midrange characters are those who are the strongest in the middle of the game when your Aggro units have run out of steam. In Genshin terms, you can also call them sub-DPS. Some characters that fit into this archetype are Kaeya, Collei and Oceanid. Combo characters on the other hand rely on stacking multiple abilities on one move or attack to deliver a OTK (One Turn Kill). Razor and Noelle are two such characters.

Knowing these archetypes will help you build better teams by choosing characters that synergise well together.

Everything Has a Cost

In every card game, there are cards which seem seemingly free- they require no energy to cast or they can be used without an Action and so on. But the truth is even they have a cost to them. In Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG, there are many action cards with 0 Dice cost and they can be cast freely.

You might be inclined to add all of these free cards to your deck but consider this: the very fact that you’re putting them on your limited deck is a cost in itself because that slot could have been used by another card. Even switching characters has a 1 dice cost and costs you an action. You can bypass these by using Action cards that deem switching to the next character as a “Fast Action” but the very fact that you’ve chosen this card for your deck of 30 means you had to give up on other cards that also cloud’ve been relevant.

The point is, you must weigh the costs in relation to one another and prioritize one over the other situationally- according to your playstyle, strategy, dice luck and so on.

Rerolling Dice Isn’t the Only Option

At the start of each round, Genius Invokation TCG players get to roll their dice for the match. These elemental dice can be used as energy to cast your skills, bursts and attacks. While for the most part rerolling to get elemental dice matching your team composition is recommended, sometimes you may not even need it.

This especially applies to you if you don’t plan to attack in the first place. If your default playstyle is to equip your weapons and artifacts first then it’s a viable solution to use your dice to just equip these weapons and artifacts in your first round. Here you don’t have to ensure that the rolled dice elements match your character elements.

While not related to rerolling, Genius Invokation System has an intelligent smart dice selection system that automatically chooses the dice to use for using support Action cards or even normal attacks. Here, the system chooses the dice element based on who your Active character is. For example, you’re using Ayaka and want to use her normals. The system will automatically select two random dice to sack along with one Cryo dice just for one NA.

These tips will vastly help you become a better player and rise through your ranks. These may be broad tips but they are universal for most card games such as this in the market. We didn’t go into nuanced tricks since this is for those who are just getting into TCG game mode and or want to learn about it.

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