Top 10 Best Universal Action Cards in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG

 Top 10 Best Universal Action Cards in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 released the hyped Genius Invokation TCG game mode. This was a trading card game mode for the more casual players of the game who didn’t want to play the hardcore DPS-check Spiral Abyss cycles. Now that this game mode has been out for an entire patch, we finally have a list of what we think are the 10 best Action cards in the game.

Top 10 Action Cards in Genshin Impact

Before we begin this list, we’d like to clarify that we did not include any Resonance Cards or even Character-based Action cards which are tailored to specific characters. Obviously, those cards are naturally strong and they are meant to be used in your team if they meet the conditions for it. Here in this list we’ve chosen universal Action cards which can be slotted into any team without a second thought. The following list of cards isn’t arranged in any particular order as one card may be more useful to you than others depending on your playstyle.


Cost: 1 Dice

This card allows you to draw 2 cards from the deck at the cost of 1 die which is super convenient. Every deck must have at least one copy of this card.

Changing Shifts

Cost: 0 Dice

This card, more easily remembered as Rosaria’s card, allows players to Switch Character without spending any dice. This is a one-time use card and in critical situations, it can come in very handy.

Leave it to Me

Cost: 0 Dice

This card, featuring Noelle on its cover, allows players to Switch Characters as a Fast Action. This means switching characters won’t be considered a singular Action anymore and players can continue a combo with their next character. This card too is for one-time use only. Most players would be wise to have 2 of these cards and the one above in their decks for a smooth and ruthless TCG session.

Send Off

Cost: 2 Black Dice

This card allows you to choose and destroy 1 Enemy Summon at the cost of two random dice. The card can be easily identified as it features Hu Tao on the cover. This card is an effective counter to Summoner Decks.

Jade Chamber

Cost: 1 Dice

The Jade Chamber card guarantees two of your dice next round match your active character. This is huge in a game of luck and chances. If you pull this card early then you can guarantee yourself good luck for the next couple of rounds.


Cost: 0 Dice

Liben is a generous man in-game and he’s a generous man in TCG. His card collects all the unused elemental dices (max. 1 of each element) at the end of each round. Once he collects 3 such dice, he gives 2 cards and 2 Omni- Element dice for the next round and disappears. All this at a 0 card cost.

Iron Tongue Tian

Cost: 2 Black Dice

This card allows you to give any party member without maximum Energy one point of Energy at the end phase of a round. Active characters are prioritised. This card can come im clutch in multiple situations as you can gain energy without using your attacks or skill.


Cost: 3 White Dice

If you’re unlucky and you pull 3 dice of an element you won’t even use, then feed your dice to this card. At the cost of 3 mono-elemental dice, you get a total of 4 Omni-elemental dice till two more rounds. This can be a lifesaver despite being so costly.

The Bestest Travel Companion

Cost: 2 Black Dice

This is another card featuring Paimon and it’s just as useful. This card, at the cost of 2 random dice, gives you 2 Omni-element dice which is amazing for one last ditch attack or move.

Lotus Flower Crisp

Cost: 1 Dice

At the cost of 1 dice, this card reduces the next incoming damage to the target by 3. That’s essentially a -3 debuff to their attacks and attack potency. 

So these are our top 10 picks. There are a lot of other good cards, even without the ones we mentioned not using for this list. Those cards didn’t make it either because they can’t work alone or they just aren’t as valuable as the ones in this list.

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