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Free Base Game Update for The Sims 4

Free base game update for The Sims 4

With a new Delivery Express released for The Sims 4, TS4 players get new content and a new scenario as a surprise to start off the New Year. The new CAS (Create-A-Sim) content consisting of traditional Korean costumes is available for all players and includes both masculine and feminine Sims.

New items and clothing are still in high demand for the Sims community, even seven years after its release. Instead of an update that would warrant a full game patch, the devs have devised a way for players to acquire new content.

The Sims Delivery Express – also known as SDX – that was kickstarted last month in October 2021 allows users to receive new content in a more seamless manner – automatically sent straight to their game. This is the third SDX that’s been released. Since it is a small amount of data, the player is not redirected to another website to download the update.

All the players need to do to obtain the content is log in to The Sims 4, following which they will notice a pop-up message informing them that the content is being added to their game – no separate installations required!

Once complete, another message asks the player if they want to restart. If they select yes, they will be able to access the new content instantly.

The Hallyu is certainly making a wave towards games, as Sims will receive a full-body outfit, modeled after the traditional Korean formal dress hanbok with multiple color options as usual. Feminine Sims also acquire a new elegantly braided hairstyle, while masculine sims receive a new head accessory known as bokgeon which is usually worn with a hanbok.

However, as a Twitter user pointed out, the new hairstyle has a visual glitch near the ears and players are hoping for the devs to sort it out.

Free updates are likely to generate a little more interest and buzz of excitement about the game in terms of caste diversity. Showcasing Korean culture may be a sign that the devs are trying to expand upon representation to make up for the previous lack in diversity in the game. With the current release pattern, it seems that players may be receiving free content at once a month.

In a recently shared blueprint of what players can expect in The Sims 4, fans noted that a full-sized expansion pack wasn’t mentioned, but instead, “a game pack that throws a party for love”, which seems to refer to a wedding party game pack. Some speculate this to be related to a Korean wedding, which could make a substantial difference to the authenticity of their play.

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