Fix Zoom Keeps Crashing Issue in Windows 11

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Generally, zoom keeps crashing on Windows 11 for several reasons and it has been reported by a lot of users while sharing their screen in online classes for attending meetings or while doing something similar. This is a random issue that occurs on the Zoom app in Windows 11. It usually happens due to some issues with the settings of your Zoom app or if there is a bad update in the zoom app. Luckily we have found a few solutions to solve this particular issue.

Zoom is Crashing in Windows 11?? Fix it with these solutions

Zoom can crash due to a few particular issues and the most popular ones are: 

  • The application is outdated.
  • There might be some faulty or outdated camera drivers on your computer.
  • Windows might be outdated and you haven’t been updating your Windows.
  • The issue with the incorrect settings in your app
  • The zoom install files might be corrupted. 

So these are some of the common reasons for Zoom to crash.

Now, let’s try out some of the fixes which might help you in order to overcome this error. 

  1. Restart the Zoom application and also your computer

Most issues get fixed when you usually reboot your system or you reboot the application by closing them down. In order to do that just open up Task Manager on your computer and then go to the applications tab from here select Zoom and then click on End Task. This particular step will close your application and after that, you can restart zoom to see if it is still working or not. 

  1. Update or rollback the camera drivers

Sometimes when your camera hardware is outdated or the software is outdated some of the applications end up crashing and one of them is zoom so in order to check if your camera hardware is up-to-date or not just go to the device manager for that right-click on the start button and then go to device manager from here.  you will find an option called cameras so just click on that and click on the particular webcam or your laptop camera whichever you prefer.  Now, Now just click on the option of that particular camera and then you’ll find the name of your webcam just right click on the name of your webcam and there will be an option called update driver just click on that, and Windows it automatically scan for a new update for that particular hardware and it will automatically install that so you don’t need to worry anything about it.

  1. Change the In-App Settings of Zoom

Tweaking some of the settings in the settings section of Zoom can be really helpful in order to fix this particular issue that might be because some of the settings have been calibrated very poorly which leads to the crashing issues so you changing enough settings soon will be really helpful. In order to change the settings in Zoom,  Go to the settings option in Zoom, then go to video option and then select Adanced form below. There in this particular area you will find an option to enable Direct3D11. Here,  just enable in and then restart your system and your Taskbar should be back.

  1. Run Zoom with dedicated graphics

Try to run zoom using the dedicated graphics card because sometimes your graphic drivers may also be some issues when you use your webcam. That’s why I tried to run zoom with the dedicated graphics card so that it may pull more power from it and doesn’t crash.

  1. Update Windows 11 to the latest version

And finally, if your Windows is not updated yet just update your Windows to the latest version in order to avoid this kind of issue because up and updated software outdated softer can really cause some issues in your experience.

So even if all this doesn’t work and you’re still facing a particular issue your best bet is to uninstall zone and then re-install it again and do a fresh install so that all the previous files can be cleaned.

So these are all the common fixes that we could find in order to fix the zoom crashing error on Windows 11.

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