Fix Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV (Code 315306)

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

One of the most common errors you may encounter on the console when trying to log in is the error message “Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV (Code 315306).” This error code may seem daunting and frustrating as you are trying to play the newly released early access beta that you paid $70 approx. for. But, the Diablo 4 unable to log-in error has a simple explanation, keep reading to find out.

Fix Diablo 4 Beta Unable to Login Error Code 315306

The unable to find a valid license for Diablo 4 code 315306 simply means that the Diablo 4 servers are down and the beta is not out yet. Here are the release date and time of the beta. If you try to play the game before this time, you will be ggreeted with the error message. The beta date and time are:

  • UK: Friday, 17th March, 4pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Friday, 17th March, 5pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Friday, 17th March, 12pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Friday, 17th March, 11am (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Friday, 17th March, 9am (PDT)

Early access beta ends on the following dates:

  • UK: Monday, 20th March, 7pm (GMT)
  • Europe: Monday, 20th March, 8pm (CET)
  • East Coast US: Monday, 20th March, 3pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Monday, 20th March, 2pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Monday, 20th March, 12pm (PDT)

You may also see the same error once the servers are down after the early access beta. So, if you see this error on Monday, the servers may be down. The best place to check if the beta has ended is the Blizzard CS Twitter handle.

While it is quite rare, if the servers are live and you get the error, it may be worth checking your internet connection. We will update this post with more fixes if we find Diablo 4 unable to login with error code 315306 post the launch of the game.      

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