Fix Scavengers Friends Invite Not Working Bug

Scavengers is an early access game that became accessible to players recently, but there is a critical bug in the game that’s seriously impacting matchmaking, specifically friend matchmaking. Players are reporting that the invite function of the game is not working. For a large majority of players, enjoying a game with their friends is one of the best ways to spend time, but that’s made impossible with this bug. If you are facing the Scavengers friends invite not working bug, we have the solution to fix the issue and get back in the game with your pals.

How to Fix Scavengers Friends Invite Not Working Bug

With this bug, players can still add friends and they will show up in the friends list, but won’t be able to join the game. The bug is affecting the selected players from not starting together. You can add all the friends you want and they would appear in the lobby, but the invite to play won’t work.

One of the first solution you may try to fix the Scavengers friends invite not working bug is to restart the system. If the issue still persists, both the players who want to play the game together must restart the system and hence, the game. A simple reboot of the game should clear out any temporary glitch and allow you to join the game with your friends.

However, failing that, you must unfriend the friend and send out the invite again. Once you are friends again, send the invite for the game. This is a bug that’s not affecting a large number of players which suggests it might be a simple glitch that should be resolved when the player who send the invite reboots the game, but if that does not work, both of you should restart the game.   

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