Fix Scavengers Fatal Error UE4-Scavenger (Scavenger_Win64_Shipping)

After a messy start of the early access, Scavengers is finally open for players around the world to try, but certain players are met with the fatal error UE4. The UE4 error is not specific to Scavengers, it’s an error common in games that use the Unreal Engine. The most likely cause of the error is an outdated GPU driver, overclocking, or overburdening the GPU. The error can also occur when the OS is not updated or you are using Windows 7, the DirectX and .NET Framework is outdated, and a few other reasons.

Hence, it can be a grind to permanently stop this error from occurring. If you have faced the Scavengers Fatal Error UE4-Scavenger, there are certain solutions you can try. Keep scrolling to know more.  

How to Fix Scavengers Fatal Error UE4-Scavenger

One of the first things you need to ensure is that the GPU is not stressed as that’s the most common reason for the error. The stress could be due to overclocking. If you are using software like MSI Afterburner, disable that. You can also reduce the game settings by a notch and limit the FPS from the NVIDIA control panel.

Choosing to run the game in DirectX 11 will also increase the stability and possibility lead to less occurrence of Scavengers Fatal Error UE4-Scavenger. You can refer the best PC settings to play Scavengers in the linked post. Using these settings will reduce the stress on the GPU and also help render more FPS.

If you have not updated the GPU driver, the OS, VCRedist ,DirectX files, and .NET Framework in a while, do that and the error may not occur. If the problem is with the Scavenger_Win64_Shipping, the above updates may resolve it.

Go to your install folder of the game and look for a file similar to UE4PrereqSetip_x64.exe. Run this file and follow the process to install all the required files and the issue may not occur.

Hopefully, the above solutions have helped fix the Scavengers Fatal Error UE4-Scavenger or reduce its occurrence. If you have a better solution share them in the comments.     

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