Fix Riders Republic Online Error: Beta Not Available

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

The good news is the beta of Riders Republic has extended from 25th Aug to 28th Aug and the NDA is lifted. Now, you can enjoy the game for an extended 3 days and stream the video, as well as share screen grabs. Some users have been getting a pesky error that’s preventing them from playing the amazing game. Riders Republic Online Error has been reported since the day of the launch of the beta. The server status of these players read “Beta not available.” Users are also getting the Riders Republic Connection error.

As for the connection error, we tried to replicate it and during the extensive test of the beta, the only time it appeared was when we disconnected the internet. In most cases, if you are getting the error, “Connection to the server has been lost,” it’s because of your internet connection. In such a case, press Ok and the game will reconnect to the servers.

As for the Riders Republic Online Error, there are some situations when you may get this error. Here are some solutions you can try.

Riders Republic – How to Fix Online Error | Server Status: Beta Not Available

One of the main reasons for the online error is a problem with the user’s Ubisoft account that they used to connect Ubisoft Connect and PSN. If you are on the PlayStation, the most likely cause of this error is that your current PSN account is not connected to Ubisoft. We suggest that you remove the old PSN account from Ubisoft and connect the current account.

Another reason for the error can be a simple glitch, a few people who got the error simply waited at the screen and were able to get into the game. So, that’s something you can try if the issue is not with your PSN and Ubisoft accounts.

Also, if you had this error on the 25th, it could be because the beta was planned to go offline on the day, and before they decided to extend they may have taken it offline briefly. But, this is only a guess. In most cases, connecting the correct accounts should allow you to avoid the error. If all else fails, getting in touch with Ubisoft is the only option. We got in touch with them and they seem pretty responsive at the time.

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