Fix Overwatch ‘Unexpected Server Error Occurred’


It’s been over five years since the launch of Overwatch and while the game did not amass the same success as some of the titles that came after it, the game has a decent player base which may increase as there are talks of a second title Overwatch 2. But, that remains to be unfolded in the coming days. The game currently has an issue at hand with a large number of users complaining of the Overwatch ‘Unexpected Server Error Occurred.’

The error is not a new one in the game. In fact, it’s the oldest dating back to the initial release days of the game, but the occurrence of the error has increased recently. As such, you must be wondering if there is a fix for the error. Stick with the post and we will share all the solutions.

Fix Overwatch ‘Unexpected Server Error Occurred’

While there are a number of solutions you would find on the internet to fix the Overwatch unexpected server error occurred, most of them are not worth trying because the problem is not on your end. It’s the servers that are responsible for the error. That brings us to the first solution.

Check the servers

Whenever there is an error code that hints at a connection problem with the server or an error with the mention of the server, there is a chance the servers are down and that’s the reason you are seeing the error. No amount of troubleshooting can fix the error in such a case as things are out of your hand. All you can do is verify the status of the servers and relax until they come back up online. Here is how to check the Overwatch server status.

Wait it out

I know I already mentioned this solution in the above fix, but even when the servers appear the Overwatch ‘Unexpected Server Error Occurred’ can hit randomly, and while your friend may be able to play you may not. And the error usually impacts a substantial population. So, it cannot be a problem on the user-end. In most cases, users were automatically about to log in after a few hours. Hence, if you see the error don’t do anything and return to the game in a few hours.

This error also seems to emerge with specific accounts and hence, changing the servers never seems to fix the error. The error is someone related to specific accounts and that’s why you cannot log in to the game.

Try using a VPN or change the ISP

A solution that has worked for some users was to use a VPN to play the game. Alternatively, if you have the option you can also try to change the ISP. If you have fast enough mobile internet, use that and check if the problem persists.

Besides the above fix, there is a range of solutions that you can try that’s common with most connectivity issues such as flush the DNS, change the DNS servers, rebooting the PC or console, rebooting the network hardware, etc., etc. but frankly those solutions do not work for this error unless you actually have a connectivity problem. In which case, you may see a different error. If you were playing the game fine and suddenly the Overwatch ‘Unexpected Server Error Occurred’ popped, don’t waste your time in lengthy troubleshooting. It’s the servers and given time the issue should resolve on its own.

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