Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error, Stuck on Authenticating | Outriders Servers Down

Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error, Stuck on Authenticating - Outriders Servers Down

Outriders demo is out for players to download and play. The demo is unlimited, meaning there is no time cap. It will serve as an introduction to the game even after game releases. And it’s huge, with the main and side-quest, it’s over 3 hours. However, players who download the game are facing a bunch of errors such as Outriders Internet Connection Error and Outriders Stuck on Authenticating.

Having encountered these errors, you must be wondering is the Outrider server down? The answer is yes and no, the servers are not down but experiencing problems catering to the large number of players who are trying to play the game during the demo.

A simple solution at this time would be to restart the router, system, and attempt to play the game. While repeated attempts may be able to bypass the glitch, it may be patience testing.

Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error | Outriders Servers Down

Connection problem with servers in the first 24 hours of a game release is common and most Square Enix titles have had the issue like the Marvel Avengers, but the good news is, Square Enix is usually pretty quick at resolving such issues. Even the best of games and almost all AAA titles go through these issues as the players who attempt to play the game are massive and the developer never known the amount of players who will jump to play the game.

However, big studios always have a backup plan to expand the server capacity quickly when required and we should see the same with the game.

So, the reason you are seeing the Outriders Internet Connection Error is because a large number of players are attempting to play the game and there isn’t enough slot available to accommodate all the players.

As this is not an issues on your end, there is nothing you need to do to fix the problem. Just wait for a day or two and the issue should be resolved.

Another reason Square Enix may not choose to upgrade the servers immediately is due to sessional players or players who downloaded the demo due to hope and are not serious players. These players flock a new game in large numbers but never hang around. So, in the next few days, either Square Enix will upgrade the servers or the rush to the server will decrease allowing you to play the game.

The developers have acknowledged the issue on Twitter. You can follow the Tweet to the official Twitter handle of the game and monitor the situation from there. Downdetector is also a great website to check the current status of the servers and view user comments who have been having the same problem.

While the problem is currently on the server-end, an issue with your internet connection can also cause the Outriders Internet Connection Error. So, if you face the same error with the main game, here are some troubleshooting you can try.

  1. Restart the device – PC, PS4, Xbox, and next-gen consoles
  2. Preferably, play the game on a wired connection. Wi-Fi can be instable at times causing problems connecting to servers.
  3. If you are on console, hard reset the device.
  4. Reset the modem or router to remove bad cache on the device.
  5. Chang the channel on your wireless router to the one that’s less used. If you are on 2.4GHz, change it to 5GHz, or vice versa.
  6. Ensure the NAT type is open
  7. Try playing the game using the Mobile hotspot. If the connection is established via mobile, call the ISP for troubleshooting.
  8. Finally, reinstall the game.  

If you have gone through the above solutions and the game still does not work and results in the Outriders Internet Connection Error. The issue may be Outriders servers are down. You can monitor the situation by suing the above embed to visit the game’s Twitter.

Fix Outriders Stuck on Authenticating

Another set of users are reporting the Outriders Stuck on Authenticating and the screen goes on forever. After the authentication screen stuck, it usually leads to the internet connection error. Needless to say there is no problem with the internet connection of the users.

The Outriders authentication issues seems to occur on all devices PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

While the permanent solution has to come from the developers, here are some things you can try that have worked for other users.

  1. If it’s authenticating, wait for the game to start until it gives an error. It can take more than 5 minutes to authenticate.
  2. Restart the game and reattempt to play.
  3. Restart the router/modem, the system, and try to play the game.
  4. Ensure the NAT type is moderate or open, ideally open.
  5. Play the game when there is lesser people playing. If you find a time when the issue does not arise, continue to play at that time until the server issues are fixed.

At the moment these are the only solutions you can try to get past the Outriders Stuck on Authenticating. If you have something to add, fire away in the comments.       

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  1. And just after the new patch – again disconnected in Expedition and gamecrash 5min after that – I’m tired from trying to reach level 50. Maybe it is better to collect legendaries with headhunting and wait for next patch 🙁

  2. 03.06.2021 Same problems here – I’m not able to play 2 Expeditions without disconnect. This is frustrating…always loose all the loot when geting disconnected.

  3. Literally tried everything from resetting, clearing cache, using other Xbox profiles then changing if it lets me in, unplugging Xbox, contacting support …. this game is ridiculous it was fine Thursday now I feel like I’m the only one getting harassed .

    1. The server issues with the game have not gone away. You are not alone in this. I can confirm hundreds of people still struggle with the problem.

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