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Fix New World Error ‘Lag Detected’ | How to Fix Lag

Fix New World Error Lag Detected - How to Fix Lag

New World is an amazing game and when you get the game after all the hype in beta, the last thing you expect to see is the New World Lag Detected error message on the screen. The situation becomes even more frustrating when you know that your internet connection is solid and you have chosen a server closest to you. So, naturally there shouldn’t be lag that makes continuing the game not possible. While the lag detected error message indicates a problem with your internet, the solution the community has found is quite unexpected. Stick with the post and we will show you how to fix the New World Lag Detected error. We will also help you fix lag issue with the game if there is any.

How to Fix New World ‘Lag Detected’ Error

To fix the New World Lag Detected error, you can either reinstall the game or repair the game files. It appears that there may be an issue with the game where certain files are not downloaded and it leads to the error. The most effective fix for the problem is to verify the integrity of game files on Steam. Reinstalling the game should be your last resort. Going by user reports, almost everyone managed to fix the error by verifying the game files. Here is how to do it.

  • Launch the Steam client
  • Go to the Library > right-click on New World > Properties
  • Go to the Local files tab
  • Click on Verify integrity of game files…

The above solutions should effectively fix your problem, but if there is a settings or something else on your system that’s causing lag, it could also be the cause of the error. In that case, here is how to fix lag in New World.

Fix New World Error Lag Detected - How to Fix Lag

How to Fix New World Lag

For players in Asia, some amount of lag is bound to occur as there are currently no SEA servers. However, it should not prevent you from playing the game unless your connection or system config is causing the lag. Regardless of your region, here are some things you can do to improve the New World lagging issue and leading to the CalendarConnectedMsg and Lag Detected.

  1. If you input devices are wireless, switch to wired such as wired keyboard and mouse, or controller. This should fix the issue if its caused due to wireless latency.
  2. Turn the V-Sync to Off
  3. Verify there is no lag caused due to your connection
    • Press Windows Key + R > type ping –t > hit Enter
    • You can check your ping time in the new window. The ping time you should aim for is below 150. If there is a ‘request timed out,’ the problem may be with your connection.
  4. Reduce the in-game video settings. This will ensure that there is minimal input lag as your computer works less to process the game.
  5. Run the game in a clean boot environment. It will ensure that there are no background applications that are consuming the bandwidth.
  6. Disable ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’ from the Discord Advanced Settings if you use Discord.
  7. Make the following changes to Settings
    • From Preferences, change ‘Bandwidth Mode‘ to ‘High‘ and turn off the ‘Enable Analytics Reporting‘
    • From Visuals, set ‘Player Nameplate Amount‘ to ‘5‘  
    • From Communications, Set ‘Chat Message Fade Delay‘ to ‘20‘

New World – How to Check Ping While In-Game

There is a way you can check the ping while you are playing the game. To enable the ping option, you need to go to the settings. Go to Settings > Visuals > Turn on the option to Show FPS. Once you turn on the option, you will be able to see the ping and input latency on the left side of the screen.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you were able to fix the New World Lag Detected and Connection Errors.

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