Monster Hunter Stories 2

Fix Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crashing with Error on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crashing with Error On Nintendo Switch

July is not the best month in terms of game releases, but we still have a title to be optimistic about, at least for Switch and Windows players. CAPCOM, the developer of the Monster Hunter series brings the second title for Monster Hunter Stories. The game is set to release on the 9th of this month for both platforms. However, the demo of the game is available right not for players on Switch. If you are on PC, you will be able to download the demo on the 9th after the launch of the game. Eager fans of the series who jumped to play the game are getting the Monster Hunter Stories 2 crashing with error on Nintendo Switch. If you are one of them here is what you can do.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Fix Crashing on Nintendo Switch

Whenever players try to start a new game, users are met with the error, “The software was closed because an error occurred.” This seems to be a problem with the copy of the game on specific devices rather than the game itself. There are thousands of players who are able to play the game.

If Monster Hunter Stories 2 is crashing on Nintendo Switch, the most likely causes are corrupted game files, outdated Switch software, or you are trying to play the game via an external SD card.

If you have installed the game on an external SD card, you should address that issue first before moving to the other solutions. We suggest that you move the game back to the system memory and the game should work without crashing.

If the game is installed on the system memory or the above fix failed, start by checking the data for corruption. The path to do it is Home Menu > System Settings > Manage Software > Select the Game > Check for Corrupt Data.

If the above two failed, the crash could be happening due to a reason completely independent of the game. Your system software may not be updated.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope you have fixed the problem. If you have a solution we did not cover in the post share them in the comments to help other readers.     

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  1. This keeps happening to me, and its getting so annoying. I’ve probably had the game crash during cutscenes and had to re-download the whole game 5-6 times (I think I’m near the end of the story now). I tried moving the game from the SD card to internal storage, my Switch OS is up to date.. yet it keeps happening. So frustrating! Is anyone else having this many crashes?

    1. I am making an assumption here, but given the low traffic to this article, I think very few people are having the problem.

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