Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 – How to Avoid Freezing or Frostbite

Monster Hunter Stories 2 - How to Avoid Freezing or Frostbite

The third area in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an icy world named Loloska. While the world is beautiful, it also involves the mechanics that can kill you if you and your party if don’t take the necessary precautions. Once you are able to withstand the cold, you can get Frost Sac in this area, besides the usual eggs. Stick with is through the guide and we will show you how to survive Frostbite in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Avoid Freezing or Frostbite in Monster Hunter Stories 2

While the frostbite or freeze does not kill you in the game, it does make you and your Monstie to become immobile during battles. Once that happens, the enemy monster would be free to attack you, and needless to say that’s the end of your run.

As soon as your enter Loloska, the game will notify you that the Frostbite mechanics is active. Most of the battles are not fightable unless you find a way to deal with the frostbite. Fortunately, the game provides you the options to neutralize the Frostbite effect.

When leaving the Rutoh Village and bidding goodbye to Alwin, you get 3 X Hot Mist. At the market, this item cost 100 gold for each piece. Hot Mist is one of the best items to deal with the frostbite. When applied, it protects you and your party until you return to the town.

There is the Rite of Channeling that allows you to pass the Frostbite ability to the Monstie of your choice. You will be informed about this mechanics in Rutoh Village after you have completed some main quests. Some monsters such as Zamtrios and Lagombi already have the gene to withstand Frostbite. So, they can still use their attacks and not be affected by it.

The final option for you is to craft the Zamtrios Armor. Zamtrios are found in the third area and they drop items that can be used to craft the armor. But, you need to use Hot Mist or have its effect on when fighting. If you have somehow managed to get past to the later part of the world and have still not crafted the Frostbite cold-resistant armor, another monster can be farmed for materials to make a cold res armor and that’s Lagombi.

So, that’s how to keep from getting Frostbite in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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