Fix High on Life Stuck, Softlock, and Game-Breaking Bugs

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

High on Life has just been released, and players are already finding bugs and issues during certain missions. Players have reported getting stuck, facing bugs, or getting soft-locked during the game. There are not a lot of official fixes for these bugs out there, but there are certain fixes you can try to bypass. In this guide, we will see all the bugs in High on Life and recommended fixes.

High on Life Stuck, Softlock, and Game-Breaking Bugs

Below are some ways you can get over the issue of High on Life getting stuck, having bugs, or getting soft-locked.

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Bug/ IssueRecommended Fix
Creature weapon bug/ Skrendel Bros bounty bugReload the checkpoint, also equip Creature while approaching the door to get instructions on how to use it
Douglas bounty bug – Fight to Survive objective still active after killing all enemiesRestart mission
Update the game for Gamepass with the latest fix
Fight Krubis first, unlock Gus, then fight Douglas
Soft lock after escaping Torg-9 HQ – cannot respawn at last save point after deathFind another way to leave the area, such as looking for hidden platforms or grapple points.
Stuck outside of Old Town after talking to Old Wet GrundyRestart mission
Stuck on Zephyr Jungle – cannot trigger the  Warp BaseHead over to the area marked by a blue cone first, then come back
Stuck in the fan room after defeating DouglasReinstall the game
Update the game with the latest patch fix
Right arm detached/floating during main game or end gameHold Y for controller to bring up the weapon wheel and select a weapon (number keys for keyboard).
If no weapons are available, use the knife and kill an enemy to bring back the guns
Stuck in Douglas bounty hunt theater area – Find the G3 Recruitment CenterReload last save, then complete the Find a Way to Pass the G3 Recruitment objective first before heading to the theater

That’s all there is to know about all bugs and how to fix them in High on Life. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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  • I can’t get second skrendel bro to spawn I got to his office jump out the window and I died before the boss right now it glitches

      • Same bug. After jumping out the office window there were no enemies and there was no current mission adjective. I’ve tried reloading the check point, dying, going home and back, going to other planets and back, still no luck. I cant reset the bounty either.

  • There’s a bug in the mission skrendel Bros where I go into the room ti fight the monster but he’s not there I’ve tried restarting the game going back to the city going Back through to
    The place but he isn’t there so I can’t continue

    • I am seeing the same thing.
      Restarted the game still no joy.
      I could originally go into the boss room, but there was no boss. After a restart I can’t even go into the room.

      I’m loving the game so far, but I think I’m stuck now.

    • I’m stuck here as well I think. After I get the first warp disc from the mansion guy I get no interact button with the warp cone to return to the village. And can’t find any way to cross it.

    • I managed to go back. All the way back to the village literally. Going up the first waterfall I got lucky on one of my attempts to jump and when I fell on the slime it brought me up on the high side. Now I’m stuck leaving with the bounty on my hands just so that the damn portal home is not active. 2 game breaking bugs in the same mission. Is swearing ok here?

      • I had the same 2 glitches but since my genius is immeasurable I just went straight back to the beginning of the level where the portal you came to the level is.

    • I had the same but it’s gotten worse. The game freezes when I try to use the front door. I can’t bring any weapons up and don’t have a UI. I can’t interact with items with the shoulder buttons and all the hunter forum challenges are locked. Did any of this happen to you or did you get a fix for the first thing?

      • I have a bug but and I’m stuck in the mayor’s office. I can’t interact with the tool on the desk. The game freezes in the sense I can still see things moving outside the window, the music keeps playing, the mayor keeps blinking, but I just can’t move or look around. The problem seems to be with the interact function and the subsequent animation that should play out – similar to trying to open the front door of the house I suspect.

        My right arm is also floating in the middle of the room when I’m walking around (prior to trying to interact).

        I feel like I’m maybe halfway through, I don’t want to restart. Sad.

    • I had this bug and to fix it, you have to open the weapon wheel and choose a weapon with the weapon wheel.

      And then , you got your right arm back

    • This just happened to me too. I didn’t kill Quentin the Grentin. Then died and when I respawned, he wasn’t there, and I can’t interact with the zipline button. It also says the wave point is at the top of the pit I fell thru to get. It’s a essentially soft locked the game for me.

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