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Fix GTA Online Error Joining a Session

Fix GTA Online Error Joining a Session

GTA Online is free for users who already own the GTA 5 on PC. Console players with membership also have free access to the game. Given the popularity of the game, it means a large number of players jumping to play GTA online, which causes a lot of problems as the servers become overburdened. Players have been complaining of the GTA Online Error Joining a Session for nearly 3 years now. The error prevents players from joining the online sessions and kicks them into the single-mode. This has been a persistent problem that Rockstar Games has failed to address so far. So, is it something you can fix on your end or not? Stick around and we will tell you all about the GTA Online Error Joining a Session and how to resolve it.

GTA Online | How to Fix Error Joining a Session

As it stands, there is no universal fix for the GTA Online error joining a session. Different solutions have worked for different users. As we browsed through forums, we found a long list of solutions that have worked for users. Here are they.

First, restart the game on your respective device, if that does not work to address the issue, try restarting the system. Often times, this simple step is sufficient to resolve the problem with GTA 5. However, if that fails, the possible reason for the error could be the game being outdated, which is creating conflict with the current version on the servers. As such, check if there is an update for the game. The game needs to be constantly updated in order to work.

If the error persists, choose online play before you go to the solo mode. You can also try the other way around i.e., choose sole before going online.

If your internet connection is not stable, that may be the cause of the GTA Online Error Joining a Session. As such try resetting the network from your PC and also resetting the router. Try playing other online games to verify the reliability of the internet connection.

Sometimes things are out of your control and there is a problem with the game servers that’s causing the issue. There may be a recent surge in the number of players. Come back to playing after a few days and you may not see the error. You can also check the status of the servers on the official website to see if there is an ongoing maintenance.

Attempt to load the new save when you are playing in the Story Mode, after choose your character. You may have to attempt this a few times before it works.

Finally, ensure that your antivirus is not the problem and the game is whitelisted in your antivirus software ort the Windows Firewall and Defender. If the PC or Console is not updated to the latest version, do that as well. That’s all we have in this guide, hope the GTA Online Error Joining a Session is fixed.          

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