Fix Godfall “Rate Exceeded” Error When Starting Multiplayer

Godfall appears to be an amazing game from the first few hours of play. The sci-fi environment is visually excellent, and the revenge story is simple, but perfect for an action game. When users try to launch the multiplayer, they are met with the Godfall “Rate Exceeded” error. From what it appears at this point, “Rate Exceeded” is the only major bug with the game with very few reports of the crash and no game-breaking bug.

Rate Exceeded

This is a matchmaking problem with the game that prevents players from pairing with others. If you have encountered the error in Godfall, we have everything you should know and how you can get back to the multiplayer.

Fix Godfall “Rate Exceeded” Error When Starting Multiplayer

The Godfall “Rate Exceeded” error when starting multiplayer is a random error and not all players are encountering it. Any user can encounter it irrespective of your system because it’s not a client error, but a problem on the game’s server end. Since the game is a looter-slasher, it requires players to be connected to the server at all times to check cheats and hacks. In other words, the game requires a constant internet connection.

We think that the problem lies there and due to the sudden surge in players jumping into the game, the servers are overburdened and facing some technical glitch or is failing to match players. The error is expected to rise in the next few days as the game releases today for the rest of the world.

However, there is good news, the developers are aware of the issue. Here is what they said in a Tweet, “We are currently investigating. Thanks for letting us know.” They also suggested a workaround, keep retrying and you should be able to get into the game.

At the moment, there is nothing you can do about the error other than retrying. In our experience, several retries do get you into the game and that’s the only solution for now. We hope that the developers would soon resolve the issue.     

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