Fix FIFA 23 Incorrect or Expired Credentials Error FUT Web App / FIFA 23 Companion App Not Working

FIFA 23’s release date is soon upon us, but players are having problems trying to log in to the FUT Web App. The Companion App was just launched very recently, and fans are complaining that they are unable to log into the app, or they get kicked out because of wrong credentials. This seems to be a recurring problem with the earlier apps as well, and fans are furious that there seems to be no fix for it. In this guide, we will see how to fix incorrect or expired credentials errors for the FUT web app, or companion app not working for FIFA 23.

Fix FIFA 23 Incorrect or Expired Credentials Error FUT Web App / FIFA 23 Companion App Not Working

Players are facing log-in issues while trying to get into the FUT Web App for FIFA 23. Here we will see how to fix this in FIFA 23.

Luckily, the incorrect credentials for logging into the FUT Web and Companion App have been picked up and resolved by game developers Electronic Arts, as posted in a very recent tweet.

But still, there are quite a few players who are still facing certain issues trying to log in. If you are one of them, you can follow the steps below to fix the incorrect credentials in FIFA 23 FUT Web App.

  • Check Server Status: Certain times when the servers are undergoing maintenance, the error will occur. You can check the app status online to know if the servers are up and running or down for maintenance. 
  • Check Connectivity: If your Wi-Fi Router is causing issues, you can reset it, or switch to another network. You can also use a wired Ethernet cable to check if it helps, or switch to a mobile hotspot.
  • Clear Cache: Clearing the cache for the PC browser and console can help fix the issue with logging in. You can also try to clear the cache for Origin as well.
  • Reset Password: If you fear your account has been hacked, you can change your password and try again.
  • Change NAT type: some players had some luck trying to log in after changing the NAT type. You can do that by heading to the Games Settings on Windows 10 and selecting the Xbox Networking services, then selecting the Change NAT type.
  • Disable VPN: If you have an active VPN service, it could hamper how the application works. You can try to disable it for the time being and try again.
  • Check Eligibility: Players who have played FIFA 22 will be eligible to use the companion and web app for FIFA 23. A deleted FUT 22 account will also disable you from logging into the current FUT app. You can check the eligibility criteria here.

If none of the above tips worked, you can try to contact EA customer support to lodge a complaint and get the issue sorted out. If you liked this article, you can check out our other posts like NBA 2K23 Crashing on Xbox after Update 1.006 and Fortnite Servers Not Responding – Are Servers Down Now

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