NBA 2K23 Crashing on Xbox after Update 1.006

 NBA 2K23 Crashing on Xbox after Update 1.006

We had the last update for NBA 2K23 just a few days back, and we already have a new update, which is a good thing. The devs are working on fixing the numerous issues with the game, but sometimes a well-intended update can go wrong. This is what exactly happened with the NBA 2K23 update 1.006. Xbox players who were already battling a range of issues with the game cannot launch the game anymore.

Soon after the patch rolled, reports showed that the game wouldn’t start on the Xbox consoles. Here are some user reports:

If you were worried that the NBA 2k23 crashing is only happening for you, the above Tweet should clear things up. So far, we have had no response from the devs, but given the large number of affected players, we think we should get a response soon. When that happens, we will update this post.

Meanwhile, you can try a few fixes, but they are a long shot, as the real problem may be with the patch you have installed. If you are yet to install the patch, I suggest waiting for the issue to be cleared before installing a new patch. Here are some solutions you can try at the time.

  1. Hard reset the console to remove any bad cache.
  2. Delete the NBA 2K23 save file. You may lose progress, and the issue may not be solved, after all, so try this at your own risk.
  3. Reinstall the game.

The best fix for the NBA 2K23 crashing after 1.006 update is reinstalling the game. If there was an issue downloading the patch and the corruption of files is causing the crash, it should be fixed after you reinstall the game.

That’s all we have in this guide; we will update this post when there is an acknowledgment from the devs or a new fix surfaces.

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