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Fix Escape from Tarkov Backend Error HTTP1.1 504 Gateway Timeout

Fix Escape from Tarkov Backend error HTTP1.1 504 Gateway Timeout

Escape from Tarkov Backend Error HTTP1.1 504 Gateway Timeout has been a constant problem for players for a while. As with most multiplayer games, Escape from Tarkov is also prone to errors and the error 504 is one of the most persistent with the game. Words like Backend, Gateway Timeout suggests that the problem is with the server, but there are certain situations when it may be caused on the client-end and you can fix it.

How to Fix Escape from Tarkov Backend Error 504

As with most connection errors, the Escape from Tarkov Backend Error 504 also causes the server to disconnect from the client and the game can crash. The most concerning aspect of the error is users can lose item when disconnect happens. The error is causes when the data-allocation at the server side fails due to some reasons.

There are a few different version of the error, but all of them are the same. While there are certain things you can try to fix the error, you should know that it’s an issue with the server and the permanent resolution can only come from the developers. When the error occurs, you should check the Official Twitter handle of the game for addresses from Battlestate Games confirming the error. In the past, there have been several instances when the developers confirmed the Escape from Tarkov backend error.

If there is a confirmed ongoing issue with the servers, none of the solutions on your end will work. The devs would have to fix the problem. But, a few users on Reddit has postulated that the error occurs when using the Comcast internet service. Here are some solutions that have helped some users resolve the error.

Reboot the computer and the network hardware

While the error is with the servers, we suggest that you perform the basic connection troubleshooting and restart the devices. Sometimes a bad cache or initialization error can cause all sorts of problems in a game. So, restart the system and the network hardware and check if the problem persists.

Try playing the game using mobile internet

Using the mobile internet to play the game is not necessary of you have access to the internet from another ISP. However, if you don’t, then, try to play the game using the mobile hotspot. Sometimes certain ISP can have problem connecting with specific servers and errors like these can arise.

Whitelist the game on your antivirus

Go to your respective antivirus and set the exception for the Escape for Tarkov folder. If you were able to play the game and the error started to happen after an update. Try restoring the firewall default. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Press Windows Key + S and type firewall.
  2. Click on Firewall & network protection.
  3. Click on Restore firewalls to default.
  4. Click on Restore defaults and click Yes.

If the above solutions have failed to fix the Escape from Tarkov Backend Error HTTP1.1 504 Gateway Timeout, do not worry, it’s most likely an issue caused at the server end and devs are looking into it. You can report the problem by posting the issue on Twitter and tagging the devs or reach out to their support.     

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