Fix DOOM Eternal “Content still pending install, please wait” Error in PS4

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Fix DOOM Eternal content still pending install, please wait Error

For fans who have waited nearly 4 years, the DOOM Eternal is out and it’s brought some of the same old errors. DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel of the game DOOM released in 2016. It’s the fifth game in the series with the initial launch dating back to 1993. This game is thought to be the inspiration of all today’s FPS games. If you have recently downloaded the game and get the error “Content still pending install, please wait”, don’t worry you are not the only one.

A lot of players have encountered this error with DOOM and recently with DOOM Eternal. Under most circumstances, the error is what it states. You are trying to play the game when it’s still downloading game files. With DOOM, even when only a portion of the game is installed, you can still play it. This indicates to users that the game is completed the installation and is ready to play, but after a few minutes of gameplay the error pops up.

So, the “content still pending install” actually means that the content is downloading and installing, wait for it to complete before you launch the game.

This error is more common with PS4 users, you can check the status of the game by hovering over the game icon and pressing the options button on the controller. Form the information tab, check the download status.

When the Installation is Complete

If the installation of DOOM Eternal is complete and you still encounter the “Content still pending install, please wait” Error. You need to delete the game from the game library, but not from your system. After you have deleted the game, reinstall the game. Ensure your internet connection works without interruption and let the game install completely before you try playing it.

As suggested by our reader Eric Rheaume, you can also set the language of the PS4 to English. It seems to fix the problem.

To Conclude

This should fix the error for you. If you still face the error, let us know in the comment with some background on what you did before the error.

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