Fix Days Gone No Sound or Audio Bug

Issues with the audio of Days Gone is one of the most frustrating problem that you would encounter as you jump to play the game. While this is not a game breaking bug, it can ruin the experience of the players. Unfortunately, the same problem affected the game during its initial launch and has continued up to this point. So, there is no use hoping for the developers to fix it. Fortunately through, there are a few solutions you can try to patch the Days Gone no sound bug.

The bug impacts the sound of specific environment elements of the game such as the no motorcycle sound. There are some specific situations when the sound bug appears, here are the workarounds you can try.

How to Fix Days Gone No Sound or Audio Bug

To fix the Days Gone sound bug, stick with the default exhaust. Customizing the exhaust of the bike makes it to drop the sound. So, if you have met the bug, simply switch to the default exhaust and reboot the game, the bug should not appear.

However, the bike is not the only thing in the game that loses its sound due to the bug. Some players are reporting not being able to hear any sound at all besides when they speak to someone. If you are one of the player who does not have any game sound, unfortunately, there isn’t any solution you can try. Hopefully, the devs get to the bottom of the issue and patch it soon.

Loading the previous save or rebooting the game does not impact the sound bug on PC; however, if you are on a console, restarting the console may prove to be the most effective solution as it’s resolved the problem for a lot of users.

Another fix that’s worked for some players is to remove the headset from the device and plug it back again.

If the sound problem is with the motorcycle, using the default exhaust should fix the problem. However, if the problem is during other parts of the game, sadly, there is no viable solutions besides the ones discussed above. If none of them have worked, you will have to wait for the developers to patch the issue.      

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