Fix Days Gone Black Screen on PC

Black Screen can appear in games like any other piece of the software and is incredibly annoying when it occurs. The black screen can appear on startup or mid-game. With the recent PlayStation title Gone Days, players are reporting seeing the black screen where only the text are visible on the screen and everything is black. This is an obvious setback and would prevent you from continuing the game. You must be wondering if it’s a bug and is there a solution for Days Gone black screen problem. There is in fact a simple way to fix the issue.

How to Fix Days Gone Black Screen on PC

The most effective solution for the Days Gone black screen that’s emerged on Reddit is to reboot the game. For most players, a simple reboot of the game and the launcher should fix the bug and you should be able to continue the game.

Loading a previous save should also do the trick. So, you can try one or the other to fix the issue on PC. Although an irritating and game breaking bug, most players who encounter it fixed it by following the above two solutions.

At the time of writing, there is no acknowledgement of the bug from Bend Studio. The blackness of the screen starts from the center and before you know, everything on the screen turns black except from the 2D icons and texts.

A permanent solution to the issue can only come from the developers. So, if the above solutions did not work for you, there may not be another option than waiting for a patch from the developers.  

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