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Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 5518

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 5518

Modern Warfare or Warzone Dev error 5518 is among a long list of fatal errors users encounter while playing the new online multiplayer installment of Call of Duty. Although we do not know the exact cause of the error or what it means, we have certain solutions that have proven to fix the error. For some reason, Activation is very secretive about its dev errors. This is not a new error and has been occurring since the release of Modern Warfare last year and has continued in Warzone. Fortunately, we have some proven fix that can resolve the error. The first fix we suggest for the COD 5518 error is to run the game and the launcher with admin permissions. This simple tweak has allowed a lot of players to avoid the error.

Let’s have a look at all the resolution for the error.

Fix 1: Run the Game with Admin Permission

If you are playing the game without admin permissions, you should immediately provide the permission to the game or you may run into another error. You should do the same for the launcher as well – Battle.Net or Steam. Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Locate game and launcher executable (it should be there on your desktop if you have create a shortcut during install)
  2. Right-click on the Desktop shortcut of the game and select Open file location
  3. The new window will take you directly to the .exe of the game
  4. Right-click on the .exe of the game and select Properties
  5. Go to the Compatibility tab
  6. Check Run this program as an administrator
  7. Click Apply and OK

Now, try launching the game and check if the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 5518 still occurs.

Fix 2: Disable Cache Spot Shadow and Cache Sun Shadow

The game has two types of Shadow Cache. Their function is to store the shadow texture of the game on your system’s VRAM intending to speed up the game and improve performance. But, it takes a lot of VRAM which can be a problem if your system cannot afford it. Additionally, a lot of problem with the game has been happening because of this. Hence, disable it and check if the dev error 5518 appears. If it does not make a difference, enable them again.

Fix 3: Delete the Blizzard Entertainment Folder

Another possible fix suggested on Reddit is to delete the Blizzard Entertainment folder. If the problem is occurring due  to bad cache, which is a case sometimes, deleting the folder can fix the issue. To delete the folder: Press Windows Key + R and type %ProgramData%, hit Enter. Look for the folder named Blizzard Entertainment and delete it. Don’t worry, this will not affect your game data in any way.

Fix 4: Disable Game Bar

Game Bar is available on most Windows OS and it provides a range of features, but often it causes problems with the MW and Warzone. While you are disabling Game Bar, disable some other programs as well that could be potentially causing the dev error 5518 in Warzone and Modern Warfare such as Overlay – Discord, Steam, etc. You should also disable GeForce Experience, MSI Afterburn, and other recording and game performance software. Here are the steps to disable the Game Bar.

  1. Press Windows + I and click on Gaming
  2. Go to the Game bar tab
  3. Toggle off the On switch right under the Game bar
  4. Next, got to the Captures tab and toggle off the Background recording

Once done with the above steps, try launching the game.    

Hopefully, the above fixes have resolved your Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 5518. Let us know in the comments.  

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