Fix Apex Legends Server Shutting Down ‘Internal Server Error’

Harry S
Harry S

Apex Legends “Server Shutting Down” is one of the oldest errors in the game and although Respawn Entertainment has managed to fix a lot of issues over time, this one has continued to slip and is troubling users to this day. Unlike several errors that appear when you boot up the game, the Internal Server Error occurs in-game and boots the player out spoiling a good match and possibility a win. To worsen the situation, some players are getting the Abandon Penalty after disconnect. The nature of the error suggests either a problem with the servers or the user’s internet connection. Here are all the solutions to fix the Apex Legends ‘Server Shutting Down’ Internal Server Error.

How to Fix Apex Legends Server Shutting Down ‘Internal Server Error’

The actual cause of the error is what’s stated in the error message, there was an internal server exception that caused you to be kicked from the game. Hence, the first thing you should do when you encounter the error is to check the status of the servers. If the servers are down or experiencing problems it’s best to play the game at a later date. But, even when the servers appear to be fine, it may in fact be a server problem. Try to rejoin the game and play. If the error occurs again, it’s best that you allow the game to rest for a while.

A sudden drop in your internet connection can also be the cause of the error. It’s the second most likely reason you could be seeing the error. So, if the servers appear to be fine and before you decide to call it quits, check that it’s not your internet connection that’s to blame. Restart the device you are playing on as well as the network hardware and it may fix the Apex Legends Server shutting Down ‘Internal Server Error.’ A simple reboot of the internet hardware clears the cache that could be causing bandwidth congestion.

With this error code, there aren’t many explanations, it’s either the server or your internet. In certain circumstances when the game is running on an outdated version, you may encounter the error. However, the likelihood of that happening is quite slim. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you have installed the latest patch for the game. The update may include the fix for your problem.

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