Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance – How to Save Game

Saving a game is important for the most obvious of reasons – so you don’t lose progress, but not all games allow the user to choose when they can save the game. Instead, they have checkpoints or other markers, reaching these markers auto saves the game and the next time you die you start from the last marker you reached. Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance also does not have a manual save feature. Here is how to save progress in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

How to Save in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance

To save game in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, you have two options. When you return back to the base camp, the game auto saves. The second way to save is to take a rest. Resting in the game acts as a checkpoint and when you choose to rest the game auto saves.

When you head out on missions or quests, the moment you return to your camp, the game logs the progress and saves. Taking a rest also does the same thing. So, you can either save by resting or return to the base to save. We suggest that you take a rest at regular intervals so you don’t lose any progress.


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