Distyle Guide to Best Healers

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Distyle is an urban mythological RPG with attractive visuals and outstanding characters. Players can play as Superheroes and use godlike powers to defeat the world bosses. Released in January 2022, this game is available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and Macintosh Operating Systems.

Players need to build a balanced team to win the game in Distyle, and Healers are one of the vital members of any team. Distyle features several Healers, but all are not equally good. This guide will help you know the best Healers in Distyle.

Best Healers in Distyle – Tier List

Healers play a crucial role in Distyle. They help the teammates heal themselves. The game features 12 Healers. Though they all have their unique healing abilities, some are better than the rest. Based on their abilities and performances, these Healers can be divided into four tiers- S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier. Below we are giving the details of these tiers.

S-Tier Healers

Undoubtedly, S-Tier is the best tier, and the Healers included in this tier are the best among all. This Tier includes-

  • Clara
  • Lauren
  • Ye Suhua
  • Asenath
  • Sally
  • Cecelia

A-Tier Healers

A-tier Healers are a little less potent than the S-tier Healers, but they are also excellent. This tier includes-

  • Chang Pu
  • Luo Yan
  • Fabrice

B-Tier Healers

B-tier Healers are average support characters. This tier includes-

  • Heng Yue

C-Tier Healers

C-tier Healers won’t give your team much benefit. So, it is better not to include them while making the team. You’ll get much better options. This tier includes-

  • Alexa
  • Helena

These are the Healers available in Distyle. The S-Tier healers like Clara, Sally, Cecelia, etc., are the best options. Otherwise, try to choose Healers from A-tier. However, if you are curious to know about the best Healers available in Distyle, check out our guide for help.

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