How to Add Fabrice in Distyle

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Distyle is an urban mythological RPG with attractive visuals and outstanding characters. Players can play as Superheroes and use godlike powers to defeat the world bosses. Released in January 2022, this game is available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and Macintosh Operating Systems.

Fabrice is one of the characters you need to support Espers. Fabrice is the best Support Esper and can be counted as an essential member of any team. This guide will help you know how you can add Fabrice to your roster in Distyle.

Acquiring Process of Fabrice in Distyle

Before telling you the process of acquiring Fabrice in Distyle, let me tell you who Fabrice is. Fabrice is not a healer, but it provides your teammates with essential buffs that can heal them. Fabrice is a wind Esper and uses the power of God Freyr. He is not connected to Esper Union or Shadow Decree.

In Distyle, it is vital to make a balanced team, and there is no better Support Esper available than Fabrice. Distyle features only one way to acquire Fabrice. To begin with the process, first, go up to level 25 and unlock the War Room. Next, enter the room and combine specific Espers to unlock Fabrice. Below we are giving the combination to unlock Fabrice-

  • Phase Four Ascension Flow Esper,
  • Phase Four Ascension Wind Esper,
  • Phase Four Ascension Berenice
  • Phase Four Ascension Inferno Esper,
  • 20000 Gold.

That’s all you need to know to unlock Fabrice in Distyle. His immunity-boosting power is unparallel. Additionally, he gives invincibility and speed to the slow fighters. However, if you are curious to unlock Fabrice, but don’t know how to do it, check out our guide for help.

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