Dead by Daylight Player Level Update Error Resurfaces

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Dead by Daylight Player Level Update Error comes with a variety of error codes such as the error code 108, 401, 300, etc. The worst thing about this error is it wipes your earned Bloodpoints and nothing counts towards the challenge. Basically, all your effort goes in vain. The error message that accompanies is “An error has occurred and the game was unable to update your Player Level. Please restart your game.” While the solution in the error message works to get the game started temporarily, the error occurs again.

Users who have encountered the error continue to get the error and more often. Recently, some users have reported getting the error 7 out of 10 matches they played. This is a major issue with the game, but not new. The problem was acknowledged months ago and should have been fixed, but users continue to go through the pain of losing Bloodpoints. Stick with the post and we will suggest some ways to avoid the DBD Player Level Update Error.

Dead by Daylight Player Level Update Error
Dead by Daylight Player Level Update Error

There is no pattern to the error or any specific system that has it. You will encounter the error on all devices PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, etc. The error is completely random and can occur regardless of whether you play as Killer or Survivor. Even the maps do not matter, it occurs on all maps.

The worst thing about the error is that some players are getting the DC penalty after the error occurs. While there is no guaranteed solution as the players who encountered the error keep getting it for months on end without any solution, nothing seems to resolve the error.

2 years back, Behaviour Interactive support acknowledged an issue with the game that’s causing the Dead by Daylight Player Level Update Error and that they were working on a solution, but since then, there have been no reports while the affected users continue to see the error and are unable to play the game.

One of the possible reasons for the error in the user end could be a problem with the connection. If this is the only game that has a problem then it’s a problem on the server end, otherwise, ensure that you are using a reliable internet connection. A user has also reported that using a VPN helped him fix the error for good, but there is far less evidence to conclude it as a solution.

Until we hear more about the error, you can try to use a VPN and see if that helps resolve the error. We will keep an eye on the issue and update the post when something new emerges. If you have something to add, please use the comments.   

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