COD: Warzone Pacific Season 3- How to Unlock UGR SMG

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COD: Warzone Season 3 is already live now, and players are exploring all the aspects of this new season, from operators to weapons to rewards, everything. Weapons are always the primary item players look for in COD games, and COD: Warzone Season 3 is not an exception. With every new update, the developers are adding some new items and features to the game. Recently, on 6th May 2022, they have added the UGR SMG with a Multiplayer Jungle map and an operator Lazar, who used to be one of the popular Operators in COD.

This guide will help you know the process to unlock UGR SMG in COD: Warzone Season 3.

How to Acquire UGR SMG in COD: Warzone Season 3

UGR is a newly introduced fully- automatic SMG in Warzone Season 3. But it does not appear first time in COD Series. It first appeared in COD: Ghosts, and now the developers have added this SMG to Warzone Season 3 and Black Ops Cold War. But the SMG has been modified a lot. The UGR SMG you saw in COD: Ghosts and the UGR SMG you’ll get in Warzone Season 3 and Black Ops Cold War is different. It is modified to suit the modern COD games.

If you are curious to get UGR SMG, you can unlock it in two different modes through two different processes. The processes are not complicated; instead, you can easily unlock UGR in Warzone Season 3.

  1. If you want to unlock UGR in Warzone Zombies mode, you have to eliminate at least 1000 enemies using Epic rarity SMG.
  2. If you want to get it in Warzone Multiplayer mode, you have to kill at least 15 enemies exposed by your UAV, Field Mic, or Spy Plane in 15 different games- which means you have to kill one enemy each game. But remember, you have to complete each game; you can’t quit in the middle.
  3. Another way to get UGR is to purchase the Lazar Bundle Pack from COD Store. It is for those who don’t want to waste time completing these challenges. The Lazar Bundle costs you 2400 COD Points.

These are the ways to get UGR SMG in Warzone Pacific Season 3. If you are curious to know how you can unlock this weapon in COD: Warzone Season 3, check out our guide for help.

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