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COD Mobile Season 4 Best MAC-10 Loadout

COD Mobile Season 4 Best MAC-10 Loadout

In the most recent update, the MAC-10 is one of the most popular SMGs in COD Mobile Season 4. It has a high rate of fire that devastates opponents quickly at close range. However, it has a significant kickback, which can result in poor accuracy at longer ranges. Overall, if the player can handle the recoil, the MAC-10 is one of the best weapons for killing all enemies.

The MAC-10 is one of the best submachine guns to choose from, and there is still a great loadout to use in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4. The latest loadout for the weapon includes increased speed, control, and range.

Within Season 3, the MAC-10 was a beast of a weapon with almost no flaws. With the right attachments, enemies could be melted in a split second, and the range was nearly non-existent. The Black Ops Cold War submachine gun may be altered in COD Mobile Season 4, resulting in a slightly different loadout.

Rear GripRustle Grip Tape
Barrel6.2” Cavalry Barrel
StockSAS Combat Stock
UnderbarrelField Agent Foregrip
MagazineSTANAG 53 Round Extended Reload

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Best MAC- 10 Loadouts in COD Mobile Season 4

The damage range on the MAC-10 loadout will need to be compensated for in COD Mobile Season 4. This is due to a slight nerf being applied to the machine gun, making it less effective at any real range. Some changes must be made to make the submachine gun as effective as it was in Season 3.

Rustle Grip Tape

Rustle Grip Tape is an early attachment in the game that provides pure ADS speed. Again, this is required for a loadout based on movement, and if you want to get the jump on others, ADS speed is a must-have.

6.2” Cavalry Barrel

On the MAC-10, you have two barrel options, and the Rifling barrel was a good choice in Season 3. However, with an additional 10% damage range in the new season, the 6.2″ Cavalry Barrel is the better option. On top of that, the weapon’s bullet spread accuracy is increased by 80%. All of this comes at a significant recoil cost, which will be accounted for.

SAS Combat Stock

The SAS Combat Stock is all about movement, and it can do more than just increase the ADS movement speed. You’ll also get a boost in sprint-to-fire speed with this stock, which is essential for a loadout that promotes fast-paced gameplay.

Field Agent Foregrip

The Field Agent Foregrip is a fantastic underbarrel that provides plenty of recoil control to even out the recoil. This should compensate for the Cavalry Barrel, and it only affects the overall ADS movement speed, which will be compensated for by the next attachment.

STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload

The STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload is the icing on the cake for this COD Mobile Season 4 loadout. With the MAC-10’s insane fire rate, a larger magazine is nearly required if you want to get some multi-kills.

The MAC-10 is an incredible weapon with a high rate of fire that can annihilate enemies. In addition, the right attachments boost the MAC-10’s destructive power and turn it into a beast. Your MAC-10 will easily melt through close quarters enemies in COD Mobile Season 4 with all of these attachments.

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