Clash of Clans – Town Hall 7 Mass Hogs Attack Strategy Explained

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Clash of Clans is an online war game in which players attack multiple opponent bases with armies made of Elixir, Super, and Dark Elixir. Each Town Hall level features a unique group of soldiers that users must deploy in order to win multiplayer warfare. Town Hall 7 is important in the game since it is the location where they first confront Dark Elixir soldiers and the Barbarian King. 

Many professional players and content producers have developed numerous attack strategies for 3-star Town Hall 7 bases. Mass Hogs is the most effective offensive attacking tactic, capable of demolishing 3-star multiplayer as well as clan war Town Hall 7 bases.

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Town Hall 7 Mass Hogs Attack Strategy

Mass Hogs is the most dependable attacking strategy for Town Hall 7 players since Hog Riders attack the defensive buildings immediately, allowing other troops to clear the base. Mass Hogs, as the name indicates, deploy a vast number of Hog Riders as well as troops such as Wizards, Giants, and Archers.

Users should strive to build up Hog Rider to level 2 before taking this technique. A level 10 Barbarian King may also help in destroying outside structures and certain clan castle troops, which is extremely useful for this attack. 

Because it is a high Dark Elixir assault method, players should consider using it in conflicts or retaining a regular source of Dark Elixir through Dark Elixir collectors and multiplayer loot. The following is the army composition for the Town Hall 7 Mass Hogs attack strategy:

  • 3 Giants
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • 6 Wall Breakers
  • 6 Archers
  • 8 Wizards
  • 27 Hogs
  • Hogs (Clan castle)

Using Town Hall 7 Mass Hogs Attack Strategy

This is one of the most effective Town Hall 7 attacks in Clash of Clans for a quick three-star. Hogs charge directly at the defenders, making it easy for other forces to clear the base. However, before deploying Hogs, players must remove their opponents’ clan castle forces.

The following advice will assist you in carrying out this attack strategy:

  • If the opponent’s clan castle is easily lured, use an Archer to convey the troops to one of the corners. Players can utilise Giants if the clan castle is in the middle of the base.
  • Once the user’s soldiers have reached the corner, they can employ backup troops such as Wizards, Barbarian Kings, and Archers to wipe out the enemy’s army.
  • If the Hog Riders and clan castle Hog Riders are in a group and their health is low, use the Healing Spell.
  • Clear the exterior structures with the Barbarian King.

Finally, Mass Hogs is one of the most simple attacking methods in Clash of Clans for Town Hall 7 players. Use this high Dark Elixir attack strategy just in clan war fights to conserve the most resources.

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