Clash of Clans: 5 Troops with The Highest Damage Per Second (DPS)

Anjali Patel
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Before attacking a base in Clash of Clans, a player must have a balanced and efficient plan. Troops, spells, and how and when to utilise them are all part of the strategy. Before attacking a base, all of these elements must be addressed. Aside from a smart plan, troops with high DPS are also required. 

This article will teach gamers about 5 troops with a high Damage Per Second.

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Troops with Highest DPS in Clash of Clans

1. Dragon

Base Level DPS: 140

Dragon is a powerful flying troop that inflicts splash damage on both air and ground forces. It requires a housing space of 20, which is rather large, however, they inflict enough damage to compensate for this.

They are sluggish, but when brought to fight in great numbers, a drag army is enough to 3-star a base. Air Defense deals the most damage to dragons. Before deploying the dragons, players should use a lightning spell to demolish the Air Defenses.

2. Yeti

Base Level DPS: 230

Yeti is a troop that does splash damage to any constructing unit. It delivers significant damage and spawns eight miniature Yetimites upon destruction. Yetimites cause additional damage to structures. Because of their strong Hit Points and DPS, they are a fantastic troop to invest in.

3. Electro Dragon

Base Level DPS: 240

Electro Dragon is one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans. When employed appropriately, an Electro Dragon army can take on a high-level base. They cause a chain reaction of destruction.

They deal with a splash strike that forms a chain and hits numerous structures in a row. They are after any building unit. When they die, a lightning spell causes them to fall to the earth.


Base Level DPS: 260

PEKKA is one of Clash of Clans’ most powerful Elixir troops. It is a single troop that may attack any building unit. The concealed tesla would inflict 2x damage to PEKKA in the early days of Clash. They then improved PEKKA even further, and they are currently one of the strongest troops with extremely high DPS and Hit Points.

5. Dragon Rider

Base Level DPS: 340

At the present, Dragon Rider is the most damaging troop in Clash of Clans. It does 340 damage each second and 700 damage upon destruction. However, the destructive damage is limited to a tiny region. It becomes available if players achieve Town Hall Level 14.

The goal of Clash of Clans isn’t necessarily to invade villages for resources. You’ll want to utterly destroy your opponent’s base, especially during Clan Wars, so your clan can earn more victory stars.

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