Clash of Clans: Every District in Clan Capital

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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular free-to-play mobile applications available on mobile devices. There, you will be able to construct your own stronghold and join one of the clans formed by other gamers. 

The most recent update included a massive amount of new content, and one of the most intriguing aspects of this patch is the Clan Capital. This item allows you to construct a few distinct districts that contain some intriguing units. 

In Clash of Clans, this article will tell you how many districts you may develop in your Clan Capital.

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Every District in Clan Capital

Clan Capital features seven districts that may be unlocked one at a time. So you might be curious about all of them and when they will be unlocked. In Clash of Clans, below is a list of all Clan Capital Districts and their requirements:

Barbarian Camp

The first district you’ll unlock is Barbarian Camp, and it’s the first region where you’ll unlock barracks to train troops to attack or defend your capital districts. Battle rams, sly archers, and powerful barbarians are some of the armies you may unlock here. 

The Barbarian Camp will eventually unlock a Super Giant Barracks and a Minion Barracks. Wizard Valley will be unlocked as you upgrade your Barbarian Camp and finally Capitol Hall. This is where you may store spells and practice spells.

Capital Peak

Capitol Peak is the game’s major district, and every clan has access to it. It does not give any benefits on its own, but it serves as a basis for all districts. This shows your Capitol or Capitol Hall level, which you may utilise to access districts. 

All you need to do to develop the Capital Peak area is raise your village’s clan level to 2 and town hall level to 6.

Wizard Valley

Wizard Valley will be unlocked as you upgrade your Barbarian Camp and finally Capitol Hall. This is where you may store spells and practice spells. Galladon does an excellent job at outlining the upgrading process as well as the connection between District Hall and Capitol Hall. Each district also gets an initial attack and edit mode. Wizard Valley, as the name implies, is all about power and magic. 

When you reach capital level 3, you will be able to unlock factories that will allow you to cast heal and leap spells. Wizard Valley will also give you more spell storage and an army camp. Finally, there will be super wizard barracks in this district.

Balloon Lagoon

Rocket Balloons are troops available at the Clan’s capital when the Rocket Balloon Barracks are constructed (this happens automatically after the Balloon Lagoon district is unlocked when the Capital Hall is upgraded to level 4). This includes the Lightning Spell Factory, which is absent from Wizard Valley. 

This area offers Air Force and Massive Bonuses, as well as Legions such as Rocket Balloons and Skeleton Barrels. You will also be granted a yard for the massive Flying Fort.

Builder’s Workshop

The builder’s mountain refuge is where you go to experiment and work hard, coming up with all kinds of weird inventions that you can use to track down your adversaries.

Level 5 unlocks this district.

It is built on the topic of Builders. It grants access to Raid Carts, Super P.E.K.K.A, and the Frost Spell. In this Clash of Clans area, the Frost Spell factory can be found in Builder’s Workshop.

Dragon Cliffs

After achieving level 6, the Dragon Cliffs district capital will be unlocked. It has a dragon and other flying creatures theme. It grants access to Super Dragons, Hog Raiders, and the Rage spell. 

You will also be given an extra military camp. Finally, it will grant access to the District Strong Rage Spell Factory.

Golem Quarry

After reaching level 7, the Golem Quarry district capital will be unlocked. The ground trembles at the footfall of massive stone marvels. Only the most evolved tribes are capable of dealing with the unfettered vitality of this last sector. 

The seventh and last district is the Golem mine. It is based on golems. This activates the Mountain Golem.

In Clash of Clans, a Clan Capital is a particular castle that belongs to a certain clan. You will be able to enhance several structures and unlock a few districts there. These districts allow you to get certain unique units that you may deploy to attack your opponents.

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