Chronos: Before the Ashes

Chronos: Behind the Ashes – How to Beat the Red Widow

Chronos Behind the Ashes - How to Beat the Red Widow

The fight with the Red Widow follows after Krell Guardian, but unlike the previous fight, defeating the Red Widow is not so easy. She has a range of lethal attacks that can easily take your life. Even before you engage in a fight with the boss, you have to deal with two of her minions or lackeys. So, stick around and we will show you how to beat the Red Widow in Chronos: Behind the Ashes.

How to Beat the Red Widow in Chronos: Behind the Ashes

You do not have to find the Red Widow. Encounter with her is a boss fight that will come as you follow the story of the game. As soon as you are at the location, you will be attacked by two enemies. They have moderate health and are not that difficult to beat. To cut your work, keep up the shield.

After killing the Red Widow’s minions, the main boss fight will start. The attacks of the Red Widow may appear swift but they are easy to dodge. The boos is highly agile and will jump a lot during the fight which makes it a bit challenging to lay down attacks of your own. When she jumps, use the shield to block attacks or simply move away from the path.

Even though attacking her is a bit difficult, you will get your opportunity after each leap. Keep attacking her and dodging the attacks from her. Eventually, her health bar will subside and things get a bit serious from here as she introduces a new attack with the combination of lightning.

From our experience, it seems the Red Widow only uses the lightning when you are far, so avoid the lightning attack by not straying too far away from her. When she starts to jump, that’s your clue to dodge the attack from her and use the dragon stone boost.

From here on, you can easily defeat the Red Widow in Chronos: Behind the Ashes by attacking her using the above strategy and eventually, her health bar would empty and you will win the fight.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more boss guides and tips and tricks of the game.     

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