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Can you Fix New World Failed to Join Login Queue

Can you Fix New World Failed to Join Login Queue

New World is off to a great start with the game recording 190,000 concurrent players on Steam. There are currently over 200,000 users who have participated in the beta. Unfortunately, the large number of players also mean server issues. A lot of users are getting the New World Failed to join login queue error message. There are various types of connection errors with the game and the majority of users encounter them due to an issue with the servers. Stick with the post and we will detail you about the error in New World.

New World Connection Error ‘Failed to Join Login Queue’

Besides the usual connection error, the message you get is, “Failed to join login queue. Please try again.” We do not know the exact cause of the error, but it’s most likely due to the already long queue of players to join the game. In any case, the cause of this error may be the excessive demand on the servers. There is nothing you can do to fix the error as it’s not a fault caused by your system or the internet connection.

Can you Fix New World Failed to Join Login Queue

In time, which we estimate to be about a weak, the buzz of the game should gradually fade and it would reduce the login queues and the resulting errors.

New World support has acknowledged the issue with the statement, “Hello! Sorry for the issues you’re all experiencing! Dev team is aware of several issues with EU Servers including loginservices errors, internalserver errors, timeout errors, and more. You can all be sure we are aware of all these errors and we are working right now to solve this as soon as poss…”

The New World Connection Error ‘Failed to Join Login Queue’ is currently impacting the European servers, but you can see the error on any server.    

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