Biomutant – How to Get Bio Points

Wrapping your head around the various mechanics of Biomutant can seem intimidating at first. One of the mechanics that you need to understand early on is how money works in Biomutant. There are various types of money in Biomutant and Bio Points is one of the most important for unlocking abilities in the game and growing Resistance. Both of these things are important in becoming more powerful in the game. So, you need to get as much Bio Points as possible. Here is how to get Bio Points in Biomutant.

How to Get Bio Points in Biomutant

Apart from the primary biomes in Biomutant, the game also has a lot of tunnels. To get Bio Points in Biomutant, you need to go into theses tunnels and defeat Morks. These are plant-like creatures that spawn minions. Each of these minions drop one Bio-point. In one encounter, you can farm up to 3 Bio Points as the creatures spawn in a group of three. While the Morks are a good way of farming the currency, there are other ways as well.

As you explore the world of Biomutant, almost everywhere from dungeons, towns to out in the open you will come across the Bio-Capsules. Each of these capsules will give you one Bio-Point. The capsules are hard to miss and appear bight green.

So, there are two ways to get Bio Points in Biomutant – by defeating Mork minions and acquiring the Bio Capsules.

These capsules not only increase the resistance of the character you have created, but also provide you special ability like levitation, spawning mushrooms out of nowhere and much more. So, they are crucial as you play the game.   

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