Biomutant – How to Fast Travel

Biomutant is an incredible game set in a familiar but visually distinct and appealing post-apocalyptic world, where animals have mutated. The game features a vast world of 64 Sq. Km i.e. 8 Km by 8Km. Naturally, with such a vast world and the game being open-world, you may be wondering if there are faster ways to travel. There is no lack of means when it comes to travelling in Biomutant and there is even the fast travel option so you can zap back to a location you already visited, just like any open world RPG.

Besides the fast travel, there are all kinds of mounts that can be used to traverse between different locations in the world. The speed that you travel depend on the mount or machine you choose. Stick around and we will show you how to fast travel in Biomutant.

How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

To fast travel in Biomutant, you need to find the yellow signpost that’s spread throughout the world of Biomutant. Once you find one of these signposts, simply interact with it and the map will open that will allow you to travel back to nay signposts you discovered earlier in the game. It’s quite a simple mechanic that you would be familiar with from other RPG games.

fast travel signpost Biomutant

Besides fast travel, there are other ways to travel in the world of Biomutant, continue to read the guide to discover the various other ways to travel in Biomutant.

Travel Options in Biomutant

THQ Nordic has been quite open with the game revealing key details from time to time. Thanks to that, we now know how to travel in fast Biomutant. To travel fast in Biomutant, you can use Gliders, animal mounts, Jetpacks, Boats, Zorb, and Mechs.

So, there is no lack of means when it comes to fast traveling or getting a higher ground so you can explore the world and its beauty better. Here are quick details on the various ways to travel in Biomutant.


Biomutant Gliders

We have seen the protagonist use gliders to maneuver the world of Biomutant in several clips revealed by the developers. The basic mechanics to use the glider works the same as most games. With the gliders through, you have to rely on the wind. Getting a glider of your own in the game is quite easy. You can craft them from scratch using the crafting menu and the item collected from the world. You can also find them ready to use in the world or purchase them. Biomutant features a range of different gliders so you’re spoiled for choice.     


Biomutant Jetpacks Fast Travel

We aren’t sure if you can craft the Jetpacks, but they can be found in the world. It’s likely you should be able to craft and purchase them. It’s one of the best ways to travel because of the speed it offers. And is more reliable than the gliders that require the wind in your ideal direction. But, the Jetpacks would require fuel that can be collected from the world.  

Animal Mounts

Biomutant Fast Travel Animal Mounts

As you play the game, you would find yourself using mounts of all kinds to traverse the world. We do not have a list of animals that can be mounted, but there is the bat, donkey, and more. At this time, we know that there are at least more than 5 types of animals that can be used to travel in the world of Biomutant.


Biomutant Fast Travel Zorb

This is an interesting mechanics and is basically an orb that the player can summon during a fight using their ability. It can be used for both travelling and as a weapon during fights. It would be fun to roll over enemies using the Zorb in a fight as shown in the image shared by THQ Nordic.


Biomutant Fast Travel Boats

Boats are an obvious way to fast travel in the game. The game features vast bodies of water and boats are the ideal way to maneuver the water. You can find them wherever there is water, so you don’t need to do much to get them. The protagonist can also swim, but that should come second in the absence of a boat.


Biomutant Fast Travel Mechs

Finally, there are various types of android or mechs that can be used to travel in the world. Using the robots to travel has various other advantage such as defense and offense. There are some powerful robots in the game that pack a punch when it comes to battel ability.

So, there are the various ways to fast travel and use various mechanics in the game to fast travel.  

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