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Best Darkest Dungeon Character Tier List July 2022

Best Darkest Dungeon Character Tier List June 2022

Darkest Dungeon is a 2016 RPG still having huge popularity worldwide. In this game, players need to make the team and explore the darkest world where the game takes them. Players can have a team of four members, and as they meet more heroes during the game, they can bring them up to their teams. But the players need to know which heroes are the best to take into the team and whom they need to avoid.

This tier list guide will give you the best and worst heroes you find in the Darkest Dungeon.

Best and Worst Characters in Darkest Dungeon- Tier List July 2022

 In games like Darkest Dungeon, making a good team is essential because you have to face enemies who will be challenging to defeat if your team members are not good enough. The game features several heroes, but they are not equally good. We have divided them into five tiers based on their abilities and skills.

S Tier Heroes

These are the best heroes to choose for your team. This tier includes-

  1. Vestal (Max HP 24)
  2. Hellion (max HP 26)
  3. Plague Doctor (Max HP 22)
  4. Houndmaster (Max HP 21)

A Tier Heroes

These are the next tier after the S and are almost equally good as the S-tier Characters. They are good backup heroes for your team. This tier includes-

  1. Shieldbreaker (Max HP 20)
  2. Grave Robber (Max HP20)
  3. Bounty Hunter (Max HP 25)
  4. Leper (Max HP 35)

B Tier Heroes

These heroes are the average characters in the game. This tier includes-

  1. Flagellant (Max HP 22)
  2. Arbalest (Max HP 27)
  3. Highwayman (Max HP 23)
  4. Crusader (Max HP 33)

C Tier Heroes

These heroes are below the average characters and also your last options. This tier includes-

  1. Man-at-Arms (Max HP 31)
  2. Jester (Max HP 19)
  3. Abomination (Max HP 26)

D Tier Heroes

This is the tier that players should avoid. There are far better options available in other tiers. This tier includes-

  1. Antiquarian (Max HP 17)
  2. Occultist (Max HP 19)

That’s the best character tier list available in Darkest Dungeon. This list may differ as players can find some characters good enough to get a place in higher tiers or some characters not worthy of being placed in S or A tiers. However, if you are looking for some help to know the best heroes to include in your team in Darkest Dungeon, check out our guide for help.

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