Is the Back 4 Blood Friendly Fire On – Can you Kill Teammates?

Rachel Zang
Rachel Zang

Friendly fire is not tolerated in a lot of games. Some games would warn you about the friendly fire. While in some such practice leads to the end of the run. So, if you are wondering if you can kill teammates in Back 4 Blood or not, the answer is both yes and no. Back 4 Blood is an intense game with zombies running all around and a lot of firing. So, is the Back 4 Blood friendly fire on? Let’s have a look at it the topic in the post.

Can You Damage Teammates in Back 4 Blood | is there Friendly Fire

Yes, you can kill your teammates if you fire on them when you are playing on a harder difficulty. But, if you choose to play as a Recruit difficulty, the friendly fire is auto-turned on. In Recruit, if you fire on your teammates, they will shout and warn you but the player or the bot does not take any damage.

Is the Back 4 Blood Friendly Fire On - Can you Kill Teammates

In higher difficulty, the game requires more skill from the player and one of them is to differentiate between the zombies and teammates. It tests your quick decision-making so the friendly fire is on when you choose to play on a higher difficulty.

But, if you prefer the Back 4 Blood friendly fire to be off, choose to play the Recruit and your teammates will not take any damage.

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