Apex Legends – How to Get Apex Predator Rank

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

Apex Predator is the max Apex rank in the Ranked Leagues. With the ongoing season, players are wondering how they can attain the rank and what the requirements are. While Season 10 brings a lot of new things, the Ranked mode has remained mostly the same and the requirement to get to the Apex Predator rank.

Apex Ranked League pits the top players on each platform in teams against one another. The Apex Ranked mode is divided into 7 tiers and the Apex Predator is the highest rank.

The matches in the Ranked mode revolves around Ranked Points (RP), you are usually matched with players who are closer to your rank and hence in your tier. Stick with the post and we will share how to get Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends.

How to Get Apex Predator Rank in Apex Legends

To get or reach the Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends, you need to be among the top 750 players on your platform with a minimum Ranked Point of 10,000. So, the first step to attaining the rank is to work on your RP.

There are two ways to obtain RP in Apex Legends and you also lose some when you start a match. Even a player with Apex Predator rank can lose the rank when they go below the required RP to be among the top 750 players.

Being among the 13 teams standing in a match grants you some RP. The higher the team rank, the more RP you get. The winning team or the last team standing gets a max RP of 100.

So, to reach the Apex Predator rank, you need to get a minimum of 10,000 RP. The top 750 players on the platform are also decided based on the RP, so you need to have enough RP to be among the top 750.

Once you achieve this, you will get the elite Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends.          

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