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All Yggdrasil Fragment Locations in God of War Ragnarok

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Unlike God of War (2018), here in God of War Ragnarok players can’t just slot Enchantments into their equipment. Instead, they have to obtain the Amulet of Yggdrasil to slot Enchantments into. And the number of slots in your Amulet determines how many Enchantments you can slot. 

To increase the number of slots in your Amulet, players have to locate the Jewels or Fragments of Yggdrasil. Two of these you’ll obtain from playing the main story quest itself while the rest are hidden across the lands of the Nine Realms. This article will briefly hint players towards all the Yggdrasil Fragment locations in the game- including the ones you obtain from the story quest early on.

Locations of Yggdrasil Fragments in God of War Ragnarok

The first two of the following locations you’ll encounter naturally in your playthrough of the God of War Ragnarok story quest. There are a total of 7 and the rest 5 are scattered across the Nine Realms. You’ll obtain them from exploration, solving puzzles and doing side quests.

Midgard, Well of Urd 

The first fragment or Jewel of Yggdrasil is dropped by a Frost Phantom during the playthrough of Main Quest 9: The Word of Fate. This is an automatic story reward.

Svartalfheim, The Forge 

The second fragment is dropped by the Ogre at The Forge during the playthrough of Main Quest 10: Forging Destiny Quest.

If you did not pick these up during your playthrough of the main quest, worry not as they will be available from the chest at the blacksmith’s and you can retrieve them from there.

Midgard, The Oarsmen

Interact and move the exposed chain below to open up a flight of stairs leading down towards the right. You’ll enter a hidden underground ruin. The fragment is inside the first chest as you enter.

Svartalfheim, Alberich Island

Get the Washed Ashore Treasure Map and complete The Lost Treasure favour at the end of the island. You’ll open the chest containing the fragment in the process.

Alfheim, The Forbidden Sands 

Enter the Eleven Sanctum in the north of the region. The Legendary Chest containing the Jewel of Yggdrasil is upstairs.

Vanaheim, Noatun’s Garden

Use Purple Runic arrows and Chaos Blades to reveal the inside of the building covered in vines. Unlock the blue lock and head inside the ruins to open the Legendary Chest containing the fragment.

Vanaheim, The Jungle

Start the Path of Destruction Favour after dropping down the dragon pit into the City of Possibility. The fragment is inside a Legendary Chest in that area.

As long as you have the above areas unlocked, obtaining these fragments of Yggdrasil is a matter of minutes. The more fragments you have the more you can increase the number of equipment slots in your Amulet of Yggdrasil. After obtaining all 7 of these fragments, you can level up your Amulet to 9.

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