All Star Tower Defense—Tier List of Best Trading Units 2023

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Roblox’s ASTD has a unique twist. The game has a typical Tower Defense style layout, but instead of turrets to defend your Tower, you will deploy anime characters to take down incoming enemies. In this guide, we will see the best Trading Units to have in All Star Tower Defense. 

All Star Tower Defense—Tier List of Best Trading Units 2023

Trading is the most popular way to get characters in the game, and here we will look at all the best ranking units to trade in All Star Tower Defense. 

Below are all the units ranked from Tier S to Tier D, with S units being the best of the lot, and D units not faring too well. 

Rank S

  • First Wood Bender
  • Legendary Borul 
  • Death

Rank A 

  • Ghost Girl
  • Club Beast 
  • Expert Sorcerer
  • Water Goddess
  • Anti Magician 
  • Zaruto (GRR III) 
  • Davi 
  • Elemental (Ultimate) 
  • Elemental (Water) 

Rank B

  • Zaruto (GRR II) 
  • Christmas Gift III
  • Fire King 
  • Summer Box III
  • Zaruto (GRR I) 
  • Elemental Wind 

Rank C

  • Joke Da Fool
  • Kovegu 
  • Ruffy (Zambe) 
  • Hog Eyzen
  • Elemental Fire
  • Dungeon Queen (Flare Spirit)
  • Dungeon Queen

Rank D

  • All Powerful (Summer)
  • Rimimaro 
  • The Assistant
  • Puppet
  • The Curse One (Summer) 
  • Ikki (Blood War)
  • Eyezen 

That’s all there is to know about the ASTD best unit trading tier list. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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