Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Find Ardun Horns

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How to Find Ardun Horns

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players need o find lots of resources and items to craft some necessary things and progress through the game smoothly. Ardun Horns are common resources players will get by defeating the Ardun beasts. These horns are required to craft gems. Therefore, nothing is surprising that players often look for the Ardun horns in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you are looking for Ardun Horns in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this guide will help you know how to find Ardun Horns.

Ardun Horns in Xenoblade Chronicles 3- How to Acquire?

Ardun Horns are primarily used in crafting Defender Gems. Gems containing Ardun Horns deal massive damage to the enemies. Also, Ardun Horns are required to complete Collectopedia Card quests and food recipes. Ardun Hoens can be acquired from Ardun beasts, and Ardun beasts are of two categories-male (Ardun) and female (Armu). Arduns are low-level enemies found after you reach Chapter 2. They are low-level enemies that look like Triceratops with three horns. These creatures are primarily seen roaming in the grass plains of the Fornis Region.

Defeating these creatures is not at all problematic. They are easy opponents you can beat without putting much effort and get the Ardun Horns. Also, players won’t have trouble finding them because they are giant creatures that can be spotted easily. Once you unlock the Fornis Region, visit the Ribbi Flats, and you’ll find lots of Ardun roaming in the vast grassland of that area. To be precise, players can get Ardun Horns more easily than many other resources in the game.

Players can get Common, Rare, and Legendary versions of the Ardun Horns from the Arduns. If you feel that you haven’t collected enough horns on your first attempt, go to another location and allow some time so the Arduns will respawn, and you hunt them again for the horns. Though you can easily get the Common and Rare versions of Ardun Horns from the low-level Arduns, you may have to progress through the game a little more and level up your characters to get the legendary Ardun Horns from these low-level Ardun beasts.

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