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Xbox Game Pass for PC to Get Costlier

Xbox Game Pass for PC to Get Costlier

Over the years, Microsoft has had great success with the Game Pass. It’s a system that allows gamers to enjoy a multitude of newly released games as well as old at a fraction of the cost. Currently, the subscription for the Xbox Game Pass cost a monthly fees of $5, but that’s soon to be retired.

Microsoft has remained consistent with the pricing of the Game Pass as it’s remained the same $5 ever since the beta was first announced back in June 2019, but the almost free ride is over and the Game Pass is coming out of beta soon.

Microsoft confirmed this on a blog post saying that the Game Pass will become more generally available on September 17. So, if you choose to subscribe or extend your subscription post that date, you would have to pay for the new pricing.

The new subscription fees will only apply in the next billing post September 17. So, if you have already subscribed for the Game Pass until say Jan 2021, you will have to pay with the new price on Jan 2021 and not Sep 17.

The new monthly price will cost you double at $10 per month. The price increase is only for people using the Game Pass on PC. For Xbox users, you have two plans – the standard which cost $10 per month and is the same as PC and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which cost $15 per month but includes much more. The Ultimate Game Pass includes the standard PC Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Live Gold.

Game Pass will soon be adding EA Play and that would expand the offering to an even larger collection of games that players can enjoy.

Xbox Game Pass for PC to Get Costlier1

On another news, if you haven’t heard, the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X release date and price has been revealed. Xbox Series X will release on 10 November and will cost $499 in the US, £429 in the UK, and $749 in Australia. You can preorder the device from 22 September.

Xbox Series S also releases on the same date at a much lower price $299 in the US and £249 in the UK.      

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