Why Should You Play Axis Invasions in Sniper Elite 5?

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Sniper Elite has an invasion system where you can invade the game of another player who has their options open to be invaded. They will be alerted of your arrival into the game, but will not receive any further information. This guide will take you through the perks of invading another player in Sniper Elite 5.

What are the Perks to Axis Invasions in Sniper Elite 5?

Japanese studio From Software’s Souls games’ mechanic seems to have inspired the devs of the shooter game Sniper Elite 5, as players can now raid other players who have signed up for a similar type of gameplay, and this makes everything more thrilling with the prospect of raiding or being ambushed without warning.

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As the host, the player will be able to defend themselves by hunting down the invader before they can take them out, through intel through the Invasion Phones on their location. This will also in turn, alert the invader to the host’s location so that the gameplay becomes of equal footing. The players will have to tread carefully if they wish to emerge successful.

The benefits of invading another player include rewards if they are successful, such as skins as customization items as well as weapons. These items can be won only if a player is successful in raiding another player and taking them down. If you can achieve 100 kills, you will receive the Ghillie Suit sniper outfit.

The hosts will also receive rewards if they win, which are different from that of the invader. This is done to ensure that players play both sides of the team to have equal levels of players on both sides. It is recommended that you start playing invasions only when you are ready, as the rewards are high if you win.

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