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Who are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2 | How to Get AQ Kills in DMZ?

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 has been released with new features such as playable weapons and game modes. It is a first-person shooter video game released by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It also includes a new game mode, DMZ. Warzone 2 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control the AQ Soldiers.

In this guide, we’ll see who are the AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2.

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Who are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2 and DMZ?

AQ Soldiers are AI-controlled soldiers found in the DMZ game mode and in Warzone 2. They are not hard to kill and are usually equipped with light machine guns or sniper rifles. AQ Soldiers are only found in strongholds and black sites in Warzone 2, while in DMZ, they can show up anywhere.

Despite the lack of strong artificial intelligence in this game, AQ Soldiers are surprisingly easy to defeat. Some of them are heavily armored, so they’ll be harder to kill, but some aren’t very tough at all. Additionally, they come in large numbers, which makes it difficult for someone to fight on their own. Keeping track of AQ Soldiers on the scoreboard is separate from other counts that indicate how many players or AI opponents you have defeated in Warzone 2.


Rewards for Killing AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2

When you kill AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2, you will receive rewards. Once you’ve killed all the enemies within a Stronghold, you’ll unlock your customized loadout. It appears on the map and can be picked up at the Stronghold if you win the battle. If you’re the first team to eliminate the stronghold, you’ll also receive a Black Site Key. In the event that you kill all the AQ soldiers on a Black Site, you will receive a Weapon Blueprint as well as rare items.

This concludes our guide about the AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2. Keep checking our other guides to stay updated on the game. 

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