Where to Find Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is one of the latest survival horror games available in its early access since 23rd February 2023. Players have already jumped into the game to explore its features of the game. There are lots of items to find throughout your journey, and Tech Mesh is one of them. This guide will help you know where you can find Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest.

Tech Mesh Location in Sons of the Forest- Where to Find?

If you love to play survival horror games, Sons of the Forest is for you. This game will take players to an alien world where only Cannibals and humanoid enemies live. The first and most challenging task is to survive, and for that reason, players need to find some weapons and items. Tech Mesh is among those items that players require to survive.

If you have been looking for Tech Mesh, let me tell you you can find it in a specific location and in a specific way. If you remember the location of the 3D Printer, make your way to it; otherwise, check the following map to get the location.-

Tech Mesh Location in Sons of the Forest- Where to Find

As you arrive where, there will be a big crack in the ground, and players need to jump into the crack and make their way forward until they reach a passage. This passage will lead them to a room with a laptop and a 3D Printer.

Tech Mesh Location in Sons of the Forest- Where to Find

The laptop has different items on its screen; change items until Tech Mesh comes. Once the item comes, press ‘E,’ and the Printer will make a 3D copy of that item. Once you get the item, you can use it like every other item you get.

That’s all you need to know about how to find Tech Mesh in Sons of the Forest.

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