Where to Find Stable and How does it Work in Fire Emblem Engage

 Where to Find Stable and How does it Work in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire emblem Engage is the new tactical turn-based game released by Nintendo. Fire Emblem Engage has many quests and battles in which players can take part and it even has a mechanics to adopt animals as players progress through the game. 

In Fire Emblem Engage, players can visit the animals which they adopted while clearing the story battle level. We have a guide on how to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage as well, you can check that on our website. But this guide will show you how to find a stable where you can interact with them. 

Where to Find Stable and How does it Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

In order to unlock the stable, players need to complete chapter 4 of the main story. After completing chapter 4, players can go back to the Somniel and look for the stable to take care of the animals they have adopted on the way. 

The Stable is located on the east side of the map, the location is called Farmyard. Before reaching the stable, players need to make sure they have adopted at least one animal otherwise stable will be empty. 

If the players have adopted animals, they will get the list of animals they have adopted. After that, you can choose for them to go roam around the stable. While roaming around, animals can drop many rewards which are specific to them like a cow can drop milk and dogs can drop iron ingots. 

Note: Animals don’t drop resources every time they are out roaming the fields and also there is a certain chance that they will drop their exclusive resources. 

It is recommended to adopt as many animals as a player can because it will increase the chance of getting more resources and who doesn’t love dogs if you don’t, why? Tell us in the comment down below. 

If you find this guide on how to find stable and how does it work in Fire Emblem Engage? Helpful. You can check our website for more such guides and news. 

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